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Calm Between Storms

i love storms. all winter i wait for them, both literally and metaphorically. in between the big fun stuff i have been lazing around waiting for storms. i took inspiration for my folksy layers from the ever-ingenious clover. texture, ruffles, skirts-over-skirts, embroidery, color. although cozy, i couldn't quite match her cuteness :) i just borrowed her mixture of verdant green and red and the romanian-peasant-earth-mama vibe.

we've had hail, wind, slush, rain, snow, sunshine, mud, rainbows. although we weren't buried in snow like the media promised, with pro-snowboarders riding down main street (that was the proposed gimmick apparently)  we've had a nice medley of weathers, just like february should be.

once again, i am adorned in more gifts. the scarf round my waist came from sadie, the red dirndl blouse with delicate little buttons came from milla, who also handcrafted the lovely pouch pendant that holds my very special fertility charm from em.

this huge, thick …

Very Very Young and Very Very Old

introducing... that very special, very handsome wee lad who finally made his appearance almost two weeks late. jorden and becky's new little man - oliver. he weighed 8 lb 14 oz and he's already growing like a weed!

family portrait:
darin and i were utterly in love:
he is absolutely perfect. he was so curious and wide-eyed, but quickly those pretty little eyes would narrow and he'd bliss out and fall asleep so cozy. here's his chill look: (and dakota in the background being protective :)

becky's the best mama. a true natural. he is going to be one happy boy.
we left all aglow. so lucky to know this new spirit and soooo excited to watch him grow!

on the other end of the spectrum, we celebrated my grandma georgie's birthday.
folks, she is 99 years old! NINETY NINE YEARS OLD.
born in 1912; she has the cutest stories. she told us that night about ice skating in yosemite when she was 16 years old, and how she somehow knocked the instructor off his feet. "i nev…

Sisters of Grandmother Moon...or, the Long Story of the Sisters' First Gathering

so as you probably surmised, some of the loveliestdearestblogladies in the whole wide world all gathered together in my neck of the woods this weekend. being together, something so magical happened that i can hardly even express it: a sisterhood was forged out of cold air and the moon and the trees, and it makes everything feel connected to me: shipwrecks and mermaids and grandmothers, herbs and mushrooms and moonlight, bread and babies and pretty dresses and blood and blessings. like an ethereal little path that i walk upon with the spirits of these sisters. does that sound weird? i know.... it is, but in a beautiful way... it just feels like we were all destined to know each other and if takes a little technological boost to set that in motion, well then...thank you modern world for that! we met up first on saturday in midtown sacramento for lunch and to descend upon nicole's shop with ebullience and delight. crimson & clover is truly the perfect vintage shop, and nicole is…