Placer-Day in Valen-ville

friday night we were going out on the town for some local music and beers at cosmic.
so i decided to try this "heidi" hairstyle, of which i was rather dubious....
only because anytime i style my hair, bobby pins be damned, it falls down within an hour.
but this held all night, and i had fun following aya's cute instructions while sipping wine.

darin had his little studio set up doing some portraits for epic dust so before we left he took a couple of me in my hair with my boy.

our sweet friends chelsea and jordan looking fly at the door; (jordan spearheaded the benefit.)

we have known this kid since he was a wee lad.
one of the sweetest things about living in a small town.

lady mama set to pop!
officially now a week and a half overdue and we are all (specially beck!) about to burst with anticipation.

baby mingle, come out and play with your friends like adorable Lian, who is already walking before 10 months ?!

joey and em were fabulous. the way they harmonize, it just breaks your damn heart.
they go by Buffalo Bus; you can hear a song or two over here.

and my friend brianna's band...i was enraptured.
i want to hear more more more, i get dizzy

i don't have any pictures of me and darin, or of my pretty dress from that night.
because music and babies and beer stole the show!
but then last night was zack and rebecca's party, ValenTIMES, so there's lots more to come.
and meanwhile, happy lovers day and may every day be a day of LOVE.


Teenysparkles said…
Those photos of you are beautiful! It looks like a really fun, colourful, spirited, cozy do all of your times Ms Heather. Baby walking before 10 months? Must be a genius baby I say! my hubs and i have been grumping alot at each other lately...and such sweet timing, things sorted themselves out just right for Valentines Day. Which we forgot. And then remembered. Sweet Day wishes for you and yours.
heidi braids for the win. they look smashing on you, dahling.
your pregnant friend is glorious. i was 2 weeks late for both mine. those silly babies just take their sweet time.
her coat is killing best friend in highschool and i had a collection of those.
i arrived here goodness knows how but have fallen in love with your blog :)
anne said…
those first two photos are rad!

the event looks like it was a blast. i have sympathy for your friend who is overdue, that's so hard when your so ready for the little one to come out.

happy lovers day to you!
Amy Beatty said…
I can't believe how far behind I am on your blog. I thought I could take of few days off and not miss a thing - boy was I wrong!!I am in LOVE with your hair. I would have you do mine but you are not here and it need to grow it out for at least a year now :( You are pure, sweet and beautiful xo

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