i like you, happy valentines day

(an adorable miniature gift book from 1969 that addie gifted me back in the 90s, rediscovered in my recent blast to the past)

i hope you all had a really cozy romantic loving day no matter who you spent it with.
i don't get sweet time with my hub today as our work schedules opposed and he won't be home till 11 pm.
last year was a little more romantic but luckily we are secure enough that we know we'll have infinite date nights and fancy dinners together. having a boring v day just means that we are bucking the system, that's what i tell myself!
much love friendies!


Anna said…
what a fantastic little vintage book! love it! i say who needs a romantic valentines day when you can have romance any other night of the year. my husband and i stayed in, watched recorded saturday night live and are headed to bed early. pretty boring. but i wouldn't have it any other way.
Heidi Ann said…
Cute litle book! I love those little gift books - I just found a few of them at a thrift store last week! And I also still have some that were given to me as gifts many moons ago. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Darin, Heather!
Teenysparkles said…
much love to you too! Your gift book is the sweetest. Thanks for sharing it with us xx
a lovely book~it reminds me a little of Holly Hobbie, i still have my Holly Hobbie rag doll from my childhood sitting in my rocking chair :)
Amy Beatty said…
I have a deep love for sweet little books like these. I have a few from my Nana when I was a wee one. I wonder if they are by the same person or if all books were just that awesome back then. Most of mine have color only every other page, which in a way makes them all the more magical. Love that you made a post out of it - for these are the little things that make us WHOLE!! Love you xo

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