the frolic architecture of the snow

we finally got snow! just a little bit, but at least it finally feels like winter around here.

bobey's first snow day...he was amused, startled, annoyed, delighted, wild.

now to cozy up with these silly boys and rest up before a very exciting weekend.

and the best news!
jorden and becky had their's a boy!


oh, how i love new baby news! i hope her labor was a great experience for her. and snow! wow! we had some crazy weather here the other day, but no snow, just ten tons of sleet and hail. it looked like snow. but it was all trickery and smoke and mirrors. hope your weekend is fun!
Claire said…
Yay, for snow! I was getting so envious of your false spring, thinking it would last forever, or at least until it turned to summer.

Have the most awesome weekend, and Congratulations Jordan and Becky!
Amy Beatty said…
You got snow!!! I can only imagine how much Adie has!! That tail, that fluffy furry friend of yours is way too sweet. What a fun fellow to share your excitement with. Becky had her boy - is there no name and facts that go along with this wonderful news?! What a Merry holiday for Placerville xo
ashley said…
oh man! snow! so beautiful, but i feel so bad for all those confused plants out there! tried to warn them that spring hadnt truly sprung- go back to your warm trunks and soil!
i bet billy is going wild in that cold stuff! jules has a love hate with snow too- so curious, but hates the cold on his tender paws! we are just too low here in el dorado to partake. bummer!

and that banner!!! its so freaking cute heather! i hope i get one whenever i have a littl'n? ha!

see ya tonight lady! epic dust or bust!
Cel said…
I really hope you take oodles of photos this weekend. For all of us who WISH we could meet all you lovely ladies!
Anonymous said…
I love your hat ;) And how lucky to get snow!! Have fun this weekend, girl. So jealous!

Milla said…
I know, right! We've been tracking the weather most zealously down here, and I have to admit, in spite peril on the roads I felt a little tingle of excitement over the idea of snow. Ah well...Hope you're having the most fun tonight, Missa and I are internetsing and Lucas and Charlie are reading. As for Clover: she's sound asleep. See you tomorrow! (Can you hear the giddy excitement in my voice?)
anne said…
oh snow! so pretty. i love all the kitty pictures, what a cutey :D

your valentimes party seemed really fun. you look gorgeous and festive as always.
Nicky said…
YAyyyy for snow!!! We just got some last night in our local mountains 5 minutes away! My girls were so excited! I wish you had video of your kitty in the snow- I've never seen one in that weather- that would be kind of funny! Congrats to your friends on their sweet baby boy! That sign "o boy" is too freakin cute!!!! xx and Happy Sunday!!!
Andrea said…
I'm envious of your snow day and frolicking outside with kitties :) It appears that winter has ended is spring is in the air here.
it was sooo good to meet you this weekend! i miss everybody already! my daughter and i are determined to visit the bookshop soon...
take care.

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