Very Very Young and Very Very Old

that very special, very handsome wee lad who finally made his appearance almost two weeks late.
jorden and becky's new little man - oliver.
he weighed 8 lb 14 oz and he's already growing like a weed!

family portrait:

darin and i were utterly in love:

he is absolutely perfect.
he was so curious and wide-eyed, but quickly those pretty little eyes would narrow and he'd bliss out and fall asleep so cozy. here's his chill look: (and dakota in the background being protective :)

becky's the best mama. a true natural. he is going to be one happy boy.

we left all aglow.
so lucky to know this new spirit and soooo excited to watch him grow!

on the other end of the spectrum,
we celebrated my grandma georgie's birthday.

folks, she is 99 years old!

born in 1912; she has the cutest stories. she told us that night about ice skating in yosemite when she was 16 years old, and how she somehow knocked the instructor off his feet. "i never saw him again," she says, giggling like a schoolgirl.

we had a big old family photo taken outside of old spaghetti factory (spag fag as addie calls it)
we had closed the place down.

she still lives alone. i want to make a little interview/documentary about her life.

and....just for good measure, here's my outfit that day,
comprised of many gifts from my girls!

nicole gifted me this adorable teapot skirt when i visited her shop.
i have decided i can't resist anything with rick-rack.

amber gifted me the little pale pink shrug that makes me feel like a ballerina.
of course i am far too clumsy to be a real ballerina, so mine is a raggedy cowgirl version.
i did work really hard on my "ballerina" up-do though...
and used about a thousand bobby pins.

i wish you could see the clasp better: it's a wooden turtle!

do i look ridiculously happy? haha, well i guess that's cause i just AM!
there's a lot to be happy for these days...i'm still walking on a cloud after my exhilerating weekend,
and spending time with new babies and grandmas just kinda makes everything SWEET.

pink shrug: gifted from amber
rose bodysuit: thrifted, $.50
teapot and rickrack skirt: gifted from nicole, vintage from crimson & clover
pink lacy tights: thrifted $.25
cowboy boots: thrifted, vintage, $12
crystal bullet necklace: from sadie
lavender beaded necklace: made by my sis
white feather earrings: starrbeads on etsy
brown ruffled sweater: thrifted years ago



Kelsie Lynn said…
the absolute cutes! you're so skinny woman!
Missa said…
They are both SO adorable. Congrats to Jorden and Becky on their beautiful boy! Your grandma Georgie is just too cute. She looks full of spunk for sure.

I love your sweater in the first pics and and also how you styled the little shrug Amber gave you over the leotard, all ballerina on the top and cowgirl on the bottom with that awesome skirt from Nicole and the perfect cowboy boots, so goood.
Claire said…
Oliver looks absolutely at home in his new life. What a blessing of a child. I love the pictures of Darin and Oliver, they look so comfy with each other.
Chelsea said…
oh man oh man, i am completely smitten with lil oliver! jorden and becky look so proud!!!!!! cant wait to see the little guy for myself and your grandma is stinkin cute. oh and so are you!
now that right there is a really good looking baby! so glad all is well.
Amy Beatty said…
I love love love love love love love this post!!! Babies, grannies and beautiful YOU! That baby is so darn cute!! I have always adored that name. I do have one cousin named Oliver. Matt didn't like it the one time I brought it up. I love how Raquel calls her Oliver - O'lover xoxo I think it is perfect for that little babe.That lucky baby, he has got some awesome parents. I love Grandma. I miss her and her giggle - you are so true and right on about it. She totally does that. It is the cutest thing ever. I have got to come visit her. I hate having thoughts that it may be the last time :( I really don't think she is going soon because ever since I have known her she has always been the same, it's amazing - but it does scare me that it could just happen at any moment. You just never know. I love that you all got together, very special. And that skirt!!! So glad you posted more photos of it because I was eying it in the family photo. So freaking cute. And I hate(love)how darn adorable you are EVERY SINGLE DAY of your life. You are killing me. thanks for sharing xoxo
forestlass said…
Your grandma is so freakin' cute. Making a documentary about her life is SUCH a great idea. It's sososo important to collect stories from our elders; I wish I had been old enough to do the same for my mother's parents. She seems like such an inspiring lady (and WOAH, she totally doesn't look 99!).

Oliver is perfect. I don't think I need to say any more!

And you, my dear, are just as cute as a bunny. I love your skirt!
Nicky said…
What a perfectly sweet stripey lil Oliver!!! I lovvvve that name (duh... I named my baby Olivia- hehe). Congrats to that new little family and HAPPY brithday to your grandma! 99!!!! My grandparents are 88 and 89, totally independent and we're planning their 65th wedding anniversary right now- heading down to Playa Del Carmen we think! CAN'T wait. What a blessing to have your grandma at 99 and for her to be so independent still. You are too stinkin' cute in your ballerina cowgirl outfit :D Your happiness is spinning right outta that cute skirt :D xx and happy Saturday!
ruby said…
i have just discovered your wonderful blog, and oh my stars and garters I love it!! your style is so awesome and your family looks lovely, I am going to enjoy reading your posts! x
Oliver is exquisite, what a lovely little family. You and Darin are positively beaming with him, what a gift some baby will have to join the two of you someday.

I am so happy to see you all with your grandma on her birthday. Part of our difficult month was the loss of Eddie's beloved grandma at age 96 and a half. What treasures Grandmothers are!

Yay, I am so glad to see you enjoying your skirt! You look terrific!

Hope you all are having a good weekend. xo
what a beautiful, life-celebrating post! Babies are the best! I really miss hanging out with them on the regular. And your Grandma seems absolutely amazing!
Sailor Purrs said…
What a delightfully sweet post. I love the photographs and your ballerina-do! I have been wearing a top bun all week, as well.
Kaylie said…
Love the outfit and LOVE LOVE LOVE your last post. Looks like a whole lot of fun!
ashley said…
Oh my Lordy, baby Mingle is a keeper! Hes so damn cute! There is something so special about babies. We hung out with Juniper the other day, and Daniel was describing her as a magical little gnome. They truly are magical little creatures!

And speaking of magical creatures- 99 years old?! Incredible! You definitely should interview her! Oh man. At least one cool little story of hers for story corps! I cant even imagine what living 99 years is like! She must have some amazing insight and tales to share. So so amazing!

ps- The skirt+tights+boots combo is adorable. Fell in even more love with that skirt after I realized is has pockets! Ugh!
anne said…
what a sweet little lamb! the picture of him asleep in your arms is too cute.
yay for georgie! 99 and livin' on her own. that's so amazing and makes me happy to read. that's how i want to be, old but young at heart and full of life. all the changes in the world she has lived through is insane! i would love to sit down and talk to her and hear her many stories.

your outfit is so fun! i love the ballerina spin you put on it! hahaha get it? and i knew you were a sanguine! i should have just put a picture of you next to the description :D thanks for making the world a sunnier place with joyful words and smilin' face!
Milla said…
Sister! Last night at the women's coffeehouse the most amazing lady (the mother of your dream catcher earring maker)who's been putting it on for 29 (!) years told us a story behind the song they were about to sing. She said that in one year she had lost a parent and gained a grandson and that there is something very special with those two worlds meeting. And then I came home to this post.

Well, there is something even more special to me of two independent, fierce spirits meeting in this world, you being the line between.

Oliver is a beauty and so is your grandmother (I love how both you and Amber have been spending time with granfolk after our jaunt.), only a woman of such fierce independence and mischief could be in the line that gave us the Beatty girls.

We are thinking of this new family as well as yours, up here in the snowy Northwoods.
NikkNaks said…
What a great post! I remember meeting Becky when she was pregnant... it is so exciting to see what her little tummy cooked up!
The outfit looks great on you to!!
Violet Folklore said…
Sweetest post ever! I'd love to hear more about Grandma. And Oliver is PERFECT (and you really can't say that about very many babies).
And yay, the shrug fits you in the most adorable way.
Love you sister.
Teenysparkles said…
GO GRANDMA GEORGIE! 99 - what a magnificent age. And she looks so smiley and bright eyed. I bet you'll be just the same Heather.

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