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six weeks and nineteen months

and now for a little polly and lucy update.
polly is six weeks old. she was sleepy, so sleepy, for the first month or so but now she's really woken up. she has big sparkly eyes and a little mouth that makes so many cute funny shapes. a very round head and face, round features. i always knew our babes would be round.

she is quiet and good, and seems to have an incredible gentle wisdom behind those eyes.  she is starting to talk and coo to me quite a bit; i think she is excited to communicate. she loves to be held in our arms, and is not fond of bouncy seat, swing, or boppy lounger like toot was. she loves to feel our skin: a cheek on her head, her hand to a chest.

she does sometimes just like to lie on her own and calmly look around, for a strangely long amount of time.
also, polly is an eye-gazer extraordinaire.

she wasn't an extremely early smiler like lucy or her cousin scout, and she doesn't smile all the time, but when she does it is so bright, it crinkles up her whol…

some say love, it is a burning thing. that it makes a fiery ring. (another birth story)

Emily and Joey had their baby! WELCOME to the world, Scout Maple Beatty. my tiny new niece was born at 10:40 a.m. on Friday, February 7, 2014. 7 lb. 20 inches.  looks a lot like her daddy. she seems to possess an inner grace and self-awareness already.
i had the honor of attending the birth. my job was to rub emily's feet or hands and to offer moral support. i had gotten the text at 1:10 a.m on February 6 that her water had broken.  let me tell you a little secret about emily: she knows things. she foretells things. she is a soothsayer and a good witch. she told me several days beforehand: i hope i go into labor on thursday and have my baby on friday at sunrise. she was pretty darn close.

because her water broke so early, she had to go to the hospital by one in the afternoon on Thursday even though her labor wasn't yet in full swing. this may or may not have affected the length and progress of her labor, but in any case she and joey worked diligently all afternoon and evening…