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theater, snowflakes, graves, daffodils, babies, surprise parties...

how much bluster and hoopla can life whirl up? first of all, we have three different friends in performing in plays over a couple weeks. and honestly, what could be better!? here we are going to see lesley in her school's production of The Odyssey. i wish we had a picture of her as Athena; her acting and presence and energy and voice are absolutely stunning. i also wish i could have taken a picture of the rad giant papier-mache Cyclops puppet head contraption the students built, with our friend Skip manning it, so amazing and fun to watch: my kind of circus! stan did some recording of the performance, and there were rad live musicians playing violin and harp and singing melodies.
meanwhile, it rained, it poured, it thundered, and it snowed a little...  i read tasha tudor's book in one sitting...
and two days later we saw another friend, Rachel, perform in our local theater's production of the musical Quilters.
in honor of this production, our town is proudly "quilt c…

sisters sharing across the seas

first off, thank you soooo much for all your sweet loving words about abby. i feel really at peace about her death and i really do appreciate having this forum for writing it all down. on to happier news: a surprise came in the mail! sent from a mysterious land far away... by the sweetest girl and honorary heart-sister, miss sara of forestlass. (whose goodness was recently honored by milla, seems we have an actual real little community here ladies!)
i admit it: i'm head over heels for her wonderful hats...she is a knitter extraordinaire. you might remember the one she sent before, so gorgeously soft and chunky and promptly swept away by darin? well guess who was the first to plop this new beauty on hishead?! again, i have to admit it: the man looks dang good in a beanie. i am sorry i don't have a visual presentation for that fact. here's me instead, feeling cute and sassy.

in fact, sara sent piles of pretty things to make me feel cute and sassy! i felt like a princess g…

missing abby

our sweet old lady cat abby died last night. she was 17 years old, my sister got her when she was a tiny kitten and she spent her whole life with our family. my brother joey hardly remembers a time before she was around. once, when she was still a young and adventurous lady, she disappeared for four whole months. my brothers matt and joey were in a band and they named it "missing abby." she showed back up one emotional afternoon when addie was weeping in the backyard, came bounding straight into addie's arms like a miracle.
we think she had a stroke the night before last and she deteriorated over the day yesterday, pacing in confusion and unable to do her normal activities like eat or jump up on the couch. late at night, darin and i held vigil by her side, stroking her and thanking her for being such a wonderful cat and companion all these years. she couldn't purr anymore, or even move her head, but i think she was content to die in the midst of the household she l…

could spend a hundred years adoring you

when you have a new dress, everything is magical. i ordered myself this pretty gunne from the lovely etsy shop laiet for a wonderfully reasonable price. i already have a similar one but addie has been borrowing it for the last couple years and i don't really have the heart to wrench it away. so i got myself a new dress, and i am in love. like brigit wrote, this is the outfit i could wear forever. it makes me feel me.
so i drove up the hill (listening to miss magical herself, joanna's glorious album from last spring which feels perfect for this time of year) to go to the thrift stores in camino and pollock pines. at snowline hospice i filled my arms with 4 bright cushions in orange, patchwork blue, teal green and bold ruby red, with the notion to redecorate my living room. i saw an old friend with his two little beautiful daughters and it started snowing outside. my heart was singing as i made my way up to addie's house.

i knew i couldn't stay long in her winter wonder…