a poem is a city

we gathered at stan and lesley's home for another meeting of our "freewheelin poets' collective."
people read poems that move them, from byron to bukowski to blake.
i didn't bring anything; i read from my journal instead, and took notes about the books everyone is currently reading. just for fun, here are some of the titles: Dhalgren, (So howled out for the world to give him a name...) Just Kids, One Day (wanted to live life in such a way that if a photograph were taken at random, it would be a cool photograph), Beans and Bacon from a Gold Pan, Lolita, Colette's Vagabond, (I dance and dance.) Clan of the Cave Bear, Walk Across America, and the Urantia Book.

if you've read any of these and care to comment please do; what did you think? or guess who's reading what, or give recommendations, or tell me what you're reading...this is my favorite kind of conversation, really when you get down to the fact of the matter.

a poem is a city filled with streets and sewers
filled with saints, heroes, beggars, madmen,

filled with banality and booze,
filled with rain and thunder and periods of
drought, a poem is a city at war

a poem is a city asking a clock why,
a poem is a city burning
a poem is a city under guns

its barbershops filled with cynical drunks
a poem is a city where God rides naked
through the streets like Lady Godiva,

where dogs bark at night, and chase away
the flag; a poem is a city of poets
most of them quite similar
and envious and bitter. . .
a poem is this city now
50 miles from nowhere

9:09 in the morning,
the taste of liquor and cigarettes,
no police, no lovers, walking the streets

this poem, this city, closing its doors,
barricaded, almost empty,
mournful without tears, aging without pity,
the hardrock mountains,
the ocean like a lavender flame,
a moon destitute of greatness,
a small music from broken windows. . .

and then we went down to Liar's Bench to sing karaoke and dance and play pool,
to make friends with the saints, heroes, beggars and madmen.

annnndd...if you're not too sick of me and my friendies yet,
here's a little video i made about loving my life.
it's just something i do (being a total nerd) sometimes when i get sappily nostalgic.
beatty anthem, or why i love my life part 2 from heather beatty on Vimeo.

poem: bukowski
sweater: vintage thrifted years ago
art's boots over skinny jeans: rocknroll
addie, stan and emily's matching teal, well, yeah.
cat: named epiphany or Piff, from this night


Amy Beatty said…
I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was dying over your little tags at the bottom and had to go back and look at Arts picture - so freaky RAD! I love it. That video is amazing I want to watch it over and over again. You live such a beautiful, loved filled life. Such great and priceless memories and friendships - I love it so much it makes me burst and breaks my heart all at the same time - why is life so darn WONDERFUL. It is too amazing and you have it all. I'm so glad you made this video, it captures your life perfectly. It is such a dream. Love you so much and I'm missing you and everyone like CRAZY now!!!
And now I'm going to sing to you -
And I need you now tonight
and I need you more than ever
and if you'll only hold me tight
We'll be holding on forever
and we'll only be making it right
cause we'll never be wrong together
Forever's gonna start tonight
Forever's gonna start tonight
wooo hoooo amy i want to hear you karaoke that tune NOW!!! perfect song for tonight and forever, we can sing it together next time you're in town. how adorable is jarom with his "freeunion?" he's brilliant i'd say! love you soooo much and so glad to share this life o mine with YOU!!!
Nicky said…
Yeah.... can I just come pop into your life for a few??? Looks like such a charming group of people and good fun- what a lucky girl. We've got a similar group that's filled with couples and their kids. We usually get together at someones house and send all the kids in the backyard to run a muck! It sure is fun to see what they come up with! Love that backwards bowling... is that what it was? The outdoor hikes, poetry and then karaoke! ahahah All so good!!!! Happy Friday night beauty!
Teenysparkles said…
oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, so sweeeeet! That little boy (your nephew?) was not going to eat those noodles!! Haha i could relate to that on a daily basis in my house of small goblins. Heather, it is superduper cool that you are embraced by this circle of peeps and family...so often..and sharing such light. Wish I could be there!
Lorlore said…
I loved the 'Clan of the Cave Bear' books, in fact it may be the time to read them again! Great reading!!!
Claire said…
Karaoke is one of my very, very favorite things to do. Your poet's gathering sounds absolutely wonderful! I don't pine as much for a writer's group as I have for the last year, but that's probably just because I'm busy with school. I would have to stop sleeping if I wanted to take up fiction writing again- butI like sleep!

Big, Big, Hug Pretty Girl,
oh bukowksi.such a dirty old man. hee hee. what fun this looks like! lolita is one of my most favorite FAVORITE FAAAAAVORITE books, ever ever ever ever ever. such beautiful descriptions in that book. my mostfavorite is when he describes lolita's lips as "licked red candy". what a great image!

and thinking of rereading the Clan of the Cavebear books. so many people keep talking about them. it's been since i was 12 or so since i read them. i always joke that they were my first porn because of all the randy sex scenes with jondular's throbbing member...is that TMI?

love ya pretty lady!
anne said…
oh, your poetry group! i'm not a poet, but i do enjoy reading poetry. you all seem like such a fun group!
i wish i knew what songs you all were singing. i don't ever sing, but i always have a blast at kareoke.
fun video at the end there. it's great that you've documented so much of your life. love leonard cohen.
Milla said…
Honeychild! I love your poetry group and was thinking of this post when I emailed you this morning. I love Bukowski and once upon a time when I was younger would read Lolita religiously, as well as many other Nabokov titles. Perhaps now would be a good time to dive back into them. Ever since Amber and Suuzi we're singing the praises of Jean M. Auel, I've had the urge to pick up a copy of "The Clan" Usually there's one at The Dump (lemme know if you need one;)

Karaoke looks awesome, can we do that the next time we come up? (Already planning ahead...)
Andrea said…
Before I watched your adorable little film I was going to comment that I get to see your friends so often I feel like I know them :) They seem like such a wonderful, loving and fun-spirited group of folks! Love seeing you and them in real time, just wonderful!
Missa said…
Aw, Heather, I think I'll just be swooning over you and your dreamy life for the rest of the evening... :D
by the way, have i ever told you how much i love this:
a raggedy trove of salty treasures and rusty wonders

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