sisters sharing across the seas

first off, thank you soooo much for all your sweet loving words about abby.
i feel really at peace about her death and i really do appreciate having this forum for writing it all down.
on to happier news: a surprise came in the mail!
sent from a mysterious land far away...
by the sweetest girl and honorary heart-sister,
miss sara of forestlass.
(whose goodness was recently honored by milla, seems we have an actual real little community here ladies!)

i admit it: i'm head over heels for her wonderful hats...she is a knitter extraordinaire.
you might remember the one she sent before, so gorgeously soft and chunky and promptly swept away by darin?
well guess who was the first to plop this new beauty on his head?! again, i have to admit it: the man looks dang good in a beanie. i am sorry i don't have a visual presentation for that fact.
here's me instead, feeling cute and sassy.

in fact, sara sent piles of pretty things to make me feel cute and sassy!
i felt like a princess getting treated to such joys.
you can see a sneak peek of the crowning glory: a beautiful new Gunne!!! looks like maybe i shouldn't have bought myself that other one after all (hell, you can never have too many :D ) i'll show you where i wore it tomorrow.
as always bobe had to help with the unwrapping...

inside was a very cool book,  feathers from the rooster Matt Hooper, who escaped a fox!, dried lavender, little notes, prettiness abounding.

this is one talented girl with an artist's soul...check out the amazing drawing on the box.

the little rose colored skirt she sent me ties up in the back like a tiny corset. flirty and flouncy, just how i like em. 

and a beautiful sprial pendant encasing a piece of rose quartz, which happens to be one of my favorite stones.
i wore this the day abby died. i felt wrapped in love, and so grateful to incredible sharing women who send gifts through the post. one of life's true delights!

sara, thank you thank you thank you for your fresh and wondrous sweetness; you are a treasure.
go check her blog here...the newest post is breathtaking!


NikkNaks said…
Beautiful beanie!
Claire said…
What sweetness. You look like a berry fairy in those pretty colors and hat.
Amy Beatty said…
pretty in pink. I want to come visit while you still have water in that little pond - I love it.
Missa said…
Yay for package love! Sara sure does put together some extra lovely ones. I can't get over the drawing on the box, so freakin' cool!!!

You look adorable, and oh so cozy, in the new beanie and the corset tie on that flouncy little skirt is such a sweet detail. Can't wait to see the new gunne in action!
Sailor Purrs said…
I love little gifts in the post and Gunne, of course. I just got two dresses on etsy. Blogs filled with sweetness warm my soul. xxoo
Milla said…
Sara's so talented my gosh. That orange beanie Darin wears fits him real good so it's nice that she got you your own. Love it. And I can't wait to see the gunny sack on you girl. You look so sweet and impish in these pics lady, I love it.
Astral Boutique said…
What an absolutely magical package! Thanks so much for letting us open it vicariously. Sara is truly a kindred soul! I adore her! (-: p.s. sending lots of love to your aching heart having just read your previous post about kitty. xoxox

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