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it never rains in southern california

here i go! i'm leaving on a little road trip early in the morning to visit mikie in los angeles. also known as fleeing the approaching storm.

wildflower walk

i took a ramble through the rolling hills, venturing out upon a little nature-jaunt nearby in coloma where gold was discovered in 1848. hydraulic gold mining may have once marred the landscape of dutch creek that flows into the south fork of the american river, but it is all overgrown with wild beauty now. this is the tiny bumpy road that goes up the mountainside. i was on a quest for wildflowers and i really want to learn more about them. let me know if you know the truth about any of these that i photographed.
blue mountain lupine this has my favorite name: pussypaw i walked out on this pretty little trail through the hillsides of pocorn flower and aster. heading up the little trail. that's mt. murphy in the background, exploded yellow with poppies. in real life the slope is golden especially when the sun shines down. california poppies! i think this is some kind of brodiaea? amidst the oaks and willows i felt like i was in an enchanted elfin land.
the trail hadn't been cl…

something i think is beautiful

it dawned on me that by looking at my blog one might start to think that all i'm interested in is dancing, drinking, hanging out with friends, taking little trips and having my head in the clouds. hmmmm, okay not so far from the truth. just kidding. the truth is, i have a real passion that is very different from all the above. it is reading.
or should i say READING! despite appearances, much of my life i've spent in complete solitude with my nose buried in a book. (above you see me bringing together two of my faves, i'm reading a book about cats. in a flannel nightie) this is obviously why i chose to go to grad school for literary studies, certainly not because i wanted to find a good job or make money or build a career. ha ha, no no no. i am sadly not a very ambitious person in the ways of the world. nope, i devoted all the time and energy it took simply because i love to read. and to think and talk about reading and books.
so i thought i would honor the joy and intensi…

first comes loves, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage

here's what i wore to the loveliest spring wedding this weekend... my new dress from the cutest etsy shop ever. the lovely livia came here from germany, met her future husband anthony on summer solstice last year at the river, and now they are married and about to have a baby! it's basically a true life love-at-first-sight story and they are the sweetest, kindest, most mellow and poetically beautiful couple.
and how gorgeous and perfect was their spring equinox wedding day!? i loved that livia finished her vows with the words, "i have always loved you, and i always will." so simple, pure and perfect.
everyone was feeling the love. even us. and goddess mamas. mary on the right is one of my oldest friends and has a farm i wrote about here. look how big her handsome boy is now!
the reception was a potluck of the most delicious vegetarian dishes and local music at good old cozmic cafe where anthony and livia are quite the familiar faces.
the scene was cozy and lovey. jo…

spring has sprung!

happy spring everyone!
guess what this means?

that's right, sandals and the RIVER!

green beer is gross

or maybe i'm just bitter cause i'm not feeling so great today. cause i partied like a leprachaun last night.

saint patrick's day is kind of a weird holiday. i like what sasha wrote about it, calling it a "national holiday that focuses on beer, whiskey, and tin whistles" but noting that it is probably actually a cloaked pagan celebration of the vernal equinox. nice!  i also like what michael scott says: "it is the closest that the irish will ever get to christmas."
we rang it in with green beer at home just as the boys were just finishing up band practice. i was sportin a shamrock tattoo from my friend at work earlier in the morn. and yes i did try out the whole "top o the morning" thing at work but my irish brogue is embarrassingly lacking and also i spilled a whole glass of water on a dude, so.
green beer was flowing everywhere, it turns out. and for cheap.
some tried to be good. someone's got to look out for the hooligans.
turned in…