Bowling Alleys are Quaint, Jorden is 25 and Other Balderdash

so. we went bowling.
the occassion was jorden's 25th birthday so here he is, footloose and fancy free, with a white russian a la Big Lebowski because a bowling experience is incomplete without one.
not to toot our own horns or anything but sometimes when i talk about my friends i get confused and think i'm talking about celebrities. cause they're the bee's knees.

bowling is super fun, and i'm terrible at it. when it comes to bowling i just don't cut the mustard. but yes, i did wear an inappropriately short romper and yes, i was known to expose my knickers from time to time. luckily they were covered by tights.

took some deadpan bowling portraits.



me. (guess i am incapable of a serious face tho i made everyone else do it)

picturesque wall decor, and our little hippie-corner of the rustic mountain bowling alley.

we had fun. we busted some moves.

every tuesday, dollar bowling until six pm.
who's in?


Amy Beatty said…
Good FUN!!! Joey always has the best straight face, and was that a new tat in the dancing one- on his arm? Or maybe I'm just forgetful. Jarom earned a free night bowling for reading the most in his class. SO who won? Matt and I are just tickled if we ever make it to 100.
Milla said…
Cheap bowling!! That'd be the bomb! I love bowling and suck at it too. And your friends are celebrities.
Andrea said…
love those deadpan closeups! nice work :)
Papa Dan said…
I would like to go bowling if you don't mind having an older guy trying to fit in. I once bowled a 169. (and got over 250 with elfin bowling). I'll even take a day off work.

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