first comes loves, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage

here's what i wore to the loveliest spring wedding this weekend... my new dress from the cutest etsy shop ever.
the lovely livia came here from germany, met her future husband anthony on summer solstice last year at the river, and now they are married and about to have a baby! it's basically a true life love-at-first-sight story and they are the sweetest, kindest, most mellow and poetically beautiful couple.

and how gorgeous and perfect was their spring equinox wedding day!?
i loved that livia finished her vows with the words, "i have always loved you, and i always will."
so simple, pure and perfect.

everyone was feeling the love.
even us.
and goddess mamas. mary on the right is one of my oldest friends and has a farm i wrote about here.
look how big her handsome boy is now!

the reception was a potluck of the most delicious vegetarian dishes and local music at good old cozmic cafe where anthony and livia are quite the familiar faces.

the scene was cozy and lovey.
jocelyn here has been livia's local preggers buddy. they're both about set to pop.
girls! pretty girls!
glam addie.

and thus the afternoon turned into an all night fiesta of live music by none other than Dark River, darin and joey's band and everyone went crazy dancing and singing and stomping along.

it was quite a festive night and a promising beginning to a fresh season!

days like this i really dig my community.


Kelsie Lynn said…
I dig your community. deep.
Amy Beatty said…
I love phil dancing at the end. So glad you took extra pictures of Mary and Yarrow. I was totally trying to check them out in that fist picture. She looks really good and that boy is so freaking cute. love his shoes and little outfit. Your new dress takes the cake though. I think your mom could make those for us. What a lovely spring day. Wish I could dance along with you guys, with the boys playing their music. I love them. I love you all, even the happy couple --who I have never heard of or seen. Did they move there after I moved here? SO happy for them though. Matt and I know what Love at first sight feels like xoxo
amy you know anthony! he used to be dolly's friend. he's pretty different now though. as for the darling livia, she just came on the scene a year ago. you'd love her, she has the best accent and says the sweetest things and is always glowing with joy. i miss you guys and can't wait to hear about the big move!
Andrea said…
it seems like it was a blissful and romantic day :) the best kind of days really. Your little dress was so cute & sweet for a spring wedding. Just lovely and adorable! when do we get to hear the band too? or, did i miss it?
Milla said…
Oh what a perfect wedding! I love your community too. You're so blessed to be surrounded by these beautiful, carefree spirits. And where can we hear Darin's band?
Missa said…
You look adorable in your sunny yellow dress and that blue dress with the gorgeous white detailing has completely stolen my heart! Also, love the illustration on the base drum.

Yes, this looks like the very best kind of wedding :)
thanks ladies! it was really a glorious day. as for hearing the boys' music, at this point i guess it's impossible but they are recording an album SOON. one of these days i'll include some video footage for just a taste. as for that blue dress, YEEESSS! worn by the ever-stylish and lovely becky of velvet leaf. she is one hell of an amazing woman. i forgot to mention she made the bride's dress! extra tricky for a nine-months-preggers gal! the painting on the drum was done by darin who is obsessed by volcanoes.

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