alice in wonderland, bunny rabbits

first of all, the other night i went on a date with dad, addie and art to see tim burton's alice in wonderland in 3d. i really wanted to dress up all alicey, but i realized quickly that i own almost nothing in the shade of light blue (why is that the go-to alice color?) but, more importantly could this be true? odd. curioser and curioser. i quickly had to go to etsy and start making plans to purchase everything i can in variations of periwinkle, cornflower, sky, and robins egg blue. in the meantime, i do have this swingin frock my grandma made in the 60s so i donned it, deciding to go as a psychedelic alice.

we had fun. we ate at panda express first, never my choice but the fam likes it. and then we frolicked to the movies:
at the fancy new Palladio theater in folsom comlete with royal palm trees presiding over the grand entrance. empty like i like it. (is this a terrible sign for the economy? a brand new fancy theater completely deserted? it is a strange and eerily delightful feeling)
and afterwards discussed heartily while art refused to remove his snazzy glasses.
and addie promptly altered her facebook status to proclaim her undying love for the movie.
personally, i am always in love with entering an enchanted new land:
and i especially loved alice's fashions...
and so many other things. but what i really want to talk about is bunnies.
this is obviously a promo shot; sadly there are no REAL bunnies in the film. in fact the cgi stuff gets a little old but that's beside the point.
the real point is, i guess i love bunny rabbits. maybe it's just because easter is coming and the local thrift store has proudly displayed all their cute eccentric old easter stuff and i'm enthralled.
you all know i can't resist a holiday themed deocration. especially a vintage one.

yes i did. i bought this:
and who could resist these sweet ladylike faces?
or this fine gentleman? on a throw pillow?
and i'm sorry but this fella?

and last but not least.
i mean, c'mon.

so anyway. needless to say i went ahead and decorated for easter even though i don't know when it is.
and i've even been drinking coffee out of this cup:

and just for good measure, here is my very favorite bunny which i bought at an art sale at my college two years ago right before spring break and then accidentally left in a classroom. i eventually tracked him down two weeks later with the receptionist of the english department and almost shed a tear of joy when we were finally reunited.
maybe that's why i secretly love bunnies so much?


Kaylie said…
Alice's dresses were adorable. I felt so inspired afterward.

Thank you for the lovely birthday wish, as well!
Elvis said…
Awesome dresses you have Alice. I like your dresses very much and all are very pretty. The pictures of rabbit and the images of toy rabbit are also much pretty.
baby rabbits for sale
Amy Beatty said…
I love ALL of your bunnies!! What good finds. Matt and I are thinking of taking the kiddos tomorrow for O's birthday. Do you think the kids could see it? Oey also got a very special box today!! I was trying to save them all for tomorrow but at last his whining for his birthday gifts did me in and he opened all but one. We love the trains and counting book. I wish so bad I would have taped Oey counting for you- it's not very good but that is what makes SOOO sweet. LOVE YOU XOXO DO you like the bunny hop?
Missa said…
Love psychedelic Alice!

Oh, and I must direct you to one of my VERY early posts (2 YEARS ago!):

I think you might be the only person out there who could truly appreciate it ;)
missa! that's amazing. guess great minds think alike, huh? ;) seriously, when the old thrift store bunnies come out of hiding, i melt inside like a big old chocolate egg.
Andrea said…
i too have a fondness for bunnies :) it was my pet nickname that my mom gave me, I was her bunny rabit! I can't believe all those great thrift store bunny finds?? I love the Peter Cottontail pillow!!!
andrea! not sure if you're checking these responses, but for some reason i can't get your blog to show up?! it is driving me crazy; i want to read your newest post!
Andrea said…
oh no! let me see if I made some error... i was having html woes on this last post. Stupid web languages...
Astral Boutique said…
I LOVED Alice, and I have to give it up for bunnies. They do seem to multiply quickly, once you let one in your house/heart, eh??? (-;

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