in california you cross the border of my heart

a litany of what we'd see:

redwood, badger , plover, pine
pelican, fisherman, cypress, tide

sea lion, cattail, swampland, weed
maidenhair, buckeye, mustard seed

eucalyptus, seaweed, slug, burl
wooden fence, wizard’s beard, mountain girl

wintu, yurok, eel river, moss
old growth, giant, sasquatch

driftwood, bramble, berry, owl
tsunami warning, dairy cow

wave, mist, fog, sea
you, you, me, me

that's my tiny tribute to our wanderings into the endless beauties of california. through the most verdant greens and striking blues, blossoming fields and migrating birds, past towering trees and vast ocean. all the while, wildly aware of the rich blessing of simply walking the earth.

the weather report said rain, rain, rain and we were adequately prepared both physically (tights, boots, ponchos) and mentally (bringing our own cheer). 

and yet, this!  this is the sunny day we drove out into:

and lucky for me, cause i was obsessed, after some searching (cause real record stores sort of don't exist anymore?) we finally found the new joanna newsom album to accompany us with her california dreamsongs that are full of lines like the above title to paint pictures that accompany our ramblings.

here are some places we hung out:

in a tipi:

  point reyes cafe with the best wood-fired pizza in the world:
fort bragg, california:
eureka, california:

coastal redwood forests:

and old logger bars:
it was a gem of a trip. i already miss it, the adventures and roamings, the comings and goings.
more details to come...


Kaylie said…
How lovely! Looks like a lot of fun. :)
Amy Beatty said…
I'm so sad Joey forgot to bring his cds. Your top picture is amazing,I can't wait to blossoms here. Glad your home safe xo
Kelsie Lynn said…
you are lucky, pretty and talented.
Missa said…
What a beautiful post, it fills my heart with so much love for my home! Sounds like an amazing trip, can't wait to hear more!

Also, you've just made me realize that if I were to have another child, I'd pretty much have to name it Plover, ha!... Clover and Plover, could you imagine?

p.s. Yes! Railroad Square... prime Tom Waits spotting territory! How long ago did you live in Sebastopol?
Andrea said…
wow! your words are as beautiful as you are lady :) what lovely adventures and rolling hills to roam over, it seems like you had a wonderful time! and, can I just comment on your really uber great serape!! love love love it!
Milla said…
Oh this post is filling me with wunderlust. Such wunderlust. How lovely.

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