wildflower walk

 i took a ramble through the rolling hills, venturing out upon a little nature-jaunt nearby in coloma where gold was discovered in 1848. hydraulic gold mining may have once marred the landscape of dutch creek that flows into the south fork of the american river, but it is all overgrown with wild beauty now.
this is the tiny bumpy road that goes up the mountainside.
i was on a quest for wildflowers and i really want to learn more about them.
let me know if you know the truth about any of these that i photographed.

blue mountain lupine
this has my favorite name: pussypaw
i walked out on this pretty little trail through the hillsides of pocorn flower and aster.
heading up the little trail. that's mt. murphy in the background, exploded yellow with poppies.
in real life the slope is golden especially when the sun shines down.
california poppies!
i think this is some kind of brodiaea?
amidst the oaks and willows i felt like i was in an enchanted elfin land.

the trail hadn't been cleared since our big snowfall that felled oak trees and branches all over our county.
foxlike, i had to scramble over obstacles like this:
it felt kind of like no one ever comes out here, and i was completely and utterly alone with the ghosts of the indians and the gold miners.

then i remembered that i had read that this area is inundated with poison oak. is this it?
i used a big stick to push this out of my way to go check out the falls. well, as darin likes to say, i'm no ballerina. the damn stick snapped and i went DOWN. my camera was in my right hand and cracked against the rocks. can you believe it survived?! only injury was a little pinky flesh wound which i quickly ran to wash off in the running water.

in all its glory, the american river flows. this is the spot they call troublemaker.

hmmmm, maybe i'll build my cabin RIGHT HERE.
oh and later i found a new thrift store in the cute river town of lotus and got some GOODS. my day was complete.

wishing you all a weekend of nature and adventure!


Anonymous said…
Heather, What a lovely day you had, I can just picture you skipping along the golden grassy paths just like you did when you were tiny. You are my bright star! Love you darlin' ~ Marmie
Starr Crow said…
i want to be there with you. right now. WOW. i would kill for a spot like this to roam around and take photos in. it really is the loveliest place. your outfits really cute too!

And I just want you to know.. your kind words on my post were so touching. really. thank you, thank you for your support and encouragement. :)
Missa said…
Little dirt roads winding through rolling green hillsides. Meadows under gnarly old oaks, flowing water, sunshine and wildflowers... SO perfect!!! I can't think of a better place for a solitary adventure, and in an adorable outfit no less :)

I'm loving that last picture of you so much!
Michelle said…
Oh wow, this is so gorgeous! I love walks in the countryside.
boots said…
oh lady! these photos are beautiful! you look so goregeous and at peace sitting in the tall grass. i had to work all weekend and its still a bit chilly here so i didnt get to get out and enjoy spring just yet-im glad i can live through you! <3 have fun on your trip, good luck!
Joseph Beatty said…
heb when did you do this and who did you go with?
that looks like poison oak fo sho my sis, you didnt mess with it did you? i love pussypaws, ive seen them bright purple up in higher elevations. did you get yourself a wildflower guide?
love the photos, wish i was there with you!! by the way, have fun in los angeles!!

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