sun worship

so, i am a devotee of the sun. pure and simple. and it's BACK....i'm super happy.

this morning i went with a group of friends to go sungazing. it was quite the experience. we met up almost an hour before the sun actually rose, cozy in scarves and shawls with steaming coffee and yerba mate. found a high hill outside of town and sat in the cold dewy dawn, at first talking and laughing and noting every detail of the morn like airplane streaks in the sky (yuck, but oddly pretty) and the sounds of birds and donkeys, dogs, chickens, geese (lovely). and then we were all completely silent as the sun finally came up over the ridge to the east.

it is crazy and powerful to gaze at the sun. i know some say it is dangerous, but i tend to believe that most things in moderation are alright or even good if you pay attention to your body. i was extremely comfortable, energized and invigorated with my eyes on that glorious orb as it rose. i felt connected to the the universe, which sounds cheesy but is actually a wonderful thing to become suddenly and fully aware of the slow steady turning of the earth, to become achingly aware of our source of life, and the system built around that, and the other solar systems in the universe, and to become intricately intuned to the life, small and big, around you in the woods on a hill early in the morning. the sun started to warm our bones right away. and i felt the sweetest trust and exuberant joy in the fact that the sun is constantly there for us; i felt like the sun was god or goddess or goodness or whatever divinity we choose to believe in. it was a moving experience and i'm glad i was sitting next to kind blissful souls who felt it too.

then we went to jorden's father-in-law's property to hike and explore a little. it was still really early but the sky was light now and we could see wildflowers springing up, ferns growing in an old mining ravine, hawks swooping low, earth springy with marshy water, mushrooms and robins and poison oak and manzanita...all powered by the SUN.

jorden even found a newt. which is incidentally the cutest stubby little guy with smoothest skin.

it seemed that starting my day this way gave me an extra spark of liveliness and vigor.
plus, added bonus: had my first coconut popsicle of the year!
oh sunshine.
i am mad for it.
how about you?


Kelsie Lynn said…
thanks goodness sunshine has returned into my life. warmth to my cold soul

i mainly just wanna say that I saw another film that Jean Luc Goddard did (Pierrot Le Fou) its called Breathless or A bout de Souffle...and its beautiful.
boots said…
OH MAN!!! you look so warm in that sun shine- hasent been any round here- i think im slowly sinking sadder and sadder every day it rains... tomorrow will be sunny and i wil be smiling again !!!
Amy Beatty said…
I can't believe you guys found a newt. I haven't seen one in years, I was starting to get worried that they left the area. As kids we would see them all the time, mostly on the walk to the waterfall. Maybe I don't see them because I don't walk there anymore. I love exploring. You guys did it on such a nice day. I'm crossing my fingers we get to 50 today. I want HEAT and SUNSHINE so bad.
Andrea said…
oh yes! nothing like warm sunshine to feed the wintered up soul :) lovely photos! I love the one with you two posing and the two guys in the back looking all serious & directional.
Milla said…
Sunshine is wonderful, and actually, you guys down in California have the most beautiful sunshine I've ever seen, there's something about it. I do have to say that I while I love sunshine, I love all kinds of weather.
And coconut popsicles too ;)
wishful nals said…
sunshine is great. xo!
sunshine and coconut popsicles all in one day?!? girl you are lucky! I am new to your blog :) sounds like a lovely day you had. Send me some sunshiney vibes my way!
Aloha Soleil said…
That sounded like a fantastic day. You wrote such a great piece about being connected with nature. It’s kind of like a more powerful, poignant “stop and smell the roses” and I love it. I think it even fits with the Henry Miller quote in your profile. And to share that with people who matter. Awesome. The experience I've had closest to yours would be surfing and lounging in my garden’s swing set - both of which I enjoy supremely and give me better appreciation and connection with nature too.

2nd ph: you guys look all adorable :)

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