green beer is gross

or maybe i'm just bitter cause i'm not feeling so great today.
cause i partied like a leprachaun last night.

saint patrick's day is kind of a weird holiday. i like what sasha wrote about it, calling it a "national holiday that focuses on beer, whiskey, and tin whistles" but noting that it is probably actually a cloaked pagan celebration of the vernal equinox. nice! 
i also like what michael scott says: "it is the closest that the irish will ever get to christmas."

we rang it in with green beer at home just as the boys were just finishing up band practice.
i was sportin a shamrock tattoo from my friend at work earlier in the morn. and yes i did try out the whole "top o the morning" thing at work but my irish brogue is embarrassingly lacking and also i spilled a whole glass of water on a dude, so.

green beer was flowing everywhere, it turns out. and for cheap.

some tried to be good. someone's got to look out for the hooligans.

turned into a wild ruckus. there was a show, local rockbands Soft Devil and Breast Milk exploded the greenest night of the year.

but best of all for me was a tidbit of a treat: the opening act was a duo called Friendship and the Fawn from vancouver. two girls with their banjos, accordion, tambourine and xylophone singing the softest sweetest fairy songs. i was completely enamored.

and by the way, when i went to look them up online, check out this sweet story i found.
a baby bobcat and fawn befriend each other after a wildfire. ummmm, i'm dying.

luck o the irish from my friend rob.
hope you all had fun. and i hope you all didn't waste the next day away like me.


Amy Beatty said…
PARTY!! At least you got to go out and have fun. I on the other hand was a cashier for a bar at a work party. It was kind of fun for work but not what I would like to be doing. I want to hear those fairy songs. Glad you guys had so much fun. XOXOOXOXOXOOXOOXOXOXOOOXOXOOXOXOXOOX
P.s. Bell is watching that old Alice in Wonderland.
P.p.s I don't know how you guys watched it so much as kids. The people are kind of creepy. Matt was able to walk in the door right from work and just start singing right along with the movie.
"who ever you are and what ever you are, nothing seems to make any sense at all" "Nonsense, nonsense, simply can't do without it. Nonsense will save the human race!!!
Just trying to type as fast as the movie, so that you will want to be here and watch it with Bell.
oh, we were obsessed. i am singing along as i read your words! crazy. it was like grotesquely fascinating. i want to snuggle up with bellsy and watch it RIGHT NOW!
Missa said…
Fun fun!

Oh my GOSH, the bobcat and the fawn are the sweetest cutest thing EVER.
boots said…
omgosh where have i been! this is awesome- looks like you had so much fun for st patricks day! did i tell you i got another job? yes at an irish pub and i worked a 17 hour day on st paddies! totally worth it though- so fun!
Susan said…
Wow, you guys know how to party!! That sounds like it was the funnest St. Paddy's day ever!
Amy I would love to snuggle up with Bella and watch Alice...

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