spring has sprung!

happy spring everyone!

guess what this means?

that's right, sandals and the RIVER!


Amy Beatty said…
RIVER love!! And guess what? your car has a new twinner. Matt just got it today. HIP HIP hooray
Missa said…
Yay for Spring, and perfect river weather! Now I want a pair of Saltwaters and some pretty purple toes to put in them :)
Teenysparkles said…
Waaaah, this looks so much like New zealand I can't tell you how much. I've just discovered your blog, and thought I'd better say "Hello"!
boots said…
yay! glad you got out in the sunshine, i got to post about my first hike of the season today!
Milla said…
Happy spring! I got a tan in Portland!

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