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i'm going to have a ....


sister mamas

i had known i was pregnant for about a week when emily started telling me that her boobs hurt and she thought she might possibly be pregnant. it was too good to be true. i seriously couldn't even get my hopes up at all. it just too exciting, too much, too many dreams come true....i couldn't even deal.
so about a week later, when they came by my house and casually, joyfully told me that it was true, they were going to have a baby just about a month after me....i about died. i started weeping. these two people, our family and best friends , traveling partners and soulmates, would be raising a family right along with us. emily and i would be pregnant together! we will have huge bellies at christmas! we will have cozy nursing newborns in the winter months, with fires in our woodstoves and coffeepots brewing and cats curled up at our feet. we will attend each other's births and act as doulas for each other, and all our babies will grow up together. i can't think of one ear…

Wyoming Road Trip 2013 Part Four - Slough Creek to Madison in Yellowstone

haha...and i thought the last one was long ;)  i wanted to fit in the rest of our trip, i tried really hard. and i wanted to be a little bit succinct. (impossible for me) it's just that each photo and the moment it represents is too special to me, and i am thus compelled to fill these posts with, like, hundreds of photos and thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of accompanying words. that's just the way it goes. this post takes us through the rest of the trip. maybe it will be the last post on our wyoming trip, but then again maybe not ;)
waking up at Slough Creek is a pure dream. have i told you yet about the site we camped in? it might have been the best site in the whole camp: number 3, a "walk in site" (the walk was about ten steps down a hill) right next to the merry little stream. i woke up early here, stretched, made coffee while my family still slept. 
joey and em are usually up first. listening for wolves and taking in the freshest morning air you could ever …