sister mamas

i had known i was pregnant for about a week when emily started telling me that her boobs hurt and she thought she might possibly be pregnant. it was too good to be true. i seriously couldn't even get my hopes up at all. it just too exciting, too much, too many dreams come true....i couldn't even deal.

so about a week later, when they came by my house and casually, joyfully told me that it was true, they were going to have a baby just about a month after me....i about died. i started weeping. these two people, our family and best friends , traveling partners and soulmates, would be raising a family right along with us. emily and i would be pregnant together! we will have huge bellies at christmas! we will have cozy nursing newborns in the winter months, with fires in our woodstoves and coffeepots brewing and cats curled up at our feet. we will attend each other's births and act as doulas for each other, and all our babies will grow up together. i can't think of one earthly thing that could make me happier. 

the next night they announced it to the whole family at joey's birthday dinner.

here's joey saying the words, "we're gonna have a baby."

my parents' reactions were priceless.

little do tootie and utah know how much fun is about to hit them. our family will have four babies under the age of two for :)

and GUESS WHAT?!! i just found out, in the course of writing this post, that they are having a GIRL!
my heart bursts!!!


Amy Beatty said…
PERFECT! It just keeps getting sweeter unbelievable xooxxo p.s i love em in her starry top/dress? seems perfect.
Milla said…
The. Best. Sister Mamas indeed! May the world be overrun with little Beatty's!
So exciting for you all! I would have loved to have a sister like you to share her wisdom for my first time around <3
amy*lou said…
a late congratulations to you both!! :) i just love reading about your family life and adventures.
Rachel Weaver said…
I'm so happy for you and for them and for all these precious little babes that get to have the most beautiful life with the most beautiful people.
Heather said…
Big congrats!! what an exciting time for your family!! Love Heather
dolly anna said…
honestly, i'm a little jealous! you ladies are going to have each other during another huge transition! my bf's are still kid free and proud to be!

you two are beautiful and i can't wait to read more about your tandem journeys on your blog!

i hope you're crafting another post now about whatever awesome discoveries you have recently made, i can only guess!!!
anne said…
so awesome! now, having your bf pregnant with might it make being pregnant slightly better ;) what a joy to have each other during this exciting time!
Brittan said…
You are literally living my dream life. I'm just over here living vicariously through you. Congrats, and I wish you so much happiness!
Teeny said…
Congratulations Em and Joey and you of course! The joy, the joy! x
Tera said…
This is so AWESOME!!!!!!! Congratulations to Joey and Emily!!!!! Photos, lots of photos of you all in future blogs, PLEASE!!!!

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