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this is what it looks like when dreams come true

 this is a very baby-centric sappy post...skip if you aren't into babies :)
Have you ever wanted something so much that it feels very precious to you? So much that you hesitate to even talk about it aloud, treating it like some sacred secret to be handled with reverent care, holding it inside you like a gem that gives you buoyancy and spirit. It is a part of you, this dream, will always be a part of you no matter the outcome, shapes every thread of your existence.

My dream has always been to have a baby. There was a time I dreamed of having twenty kids! By the time I was ten years old I'd settled my dream to becoming an anthropologist with six kids. All my dreams involved being a mother; even as a teenager I dreamed more of having babies than having a rad boyfriend or a great love affair. Needless to say I was an excellent babysitter and a second-mama to my littlest brother Joey. I rocked him to sleep and sang songs to him, changed his diaper and fed him bottles and played sch…

happy camper

we took our littlest on her first camping trip last week to watch the Perseid meteor shower. unfortunately, mountain thunderclouds covered the stars that night, but we still had an amazing camp-out with a bunch of besties.

our favorite spot for car camping, silver lake. because it's got a lake and a river spot both perfect for swimming, large flat rocks for sunning or stargazing, and endless mountain vistas that capture your breath and spirit.

my first time swimming since the surgery....sooo good!

blissed out daddy...
it was both our babies' first camping experiences! so fun to camp with these cuties...i remember becky often telling me, "you're going to love breastfeeding," with sweet emotion, and it is so true.

telling carolann and ezra about my birth while nursing my baby on the warm rocks in the mountains. (darin took the cool soft focus photos)

lucy has taken a real liking to the moby wrap. we have had the fortune of being given several different types of wr…