first river trip

to celebrate lucy's two-week birthday, we took her to the river.

mostly she just chilled out in the shade...

while the rest of her family took a dip:

sipped beer on the shore:

and soaked in the beauty of a hot july afternoon in the rolling foothills of california at the wild and grand american river.

someone paid her a special visit...can you spot him?

a close up:

she is magical indeed, this tiny creature of ours. we feel pretty lucky to know her :)


cilled out? she looks postitively zen!
looks like you all had a beauteous day.
lightwood said…
Beautiful family! I love that last pic of you with the sun behind you.... Lucy looks like she is already nature attracting... It's so nice to be able to raise appreciative nature-loving babes!
beakybird said…
can I just say how much I love your blog?! your words and pictures are full of sunshine. big congratulations to you both :)
anne said…
awww! she is so itty bitty and sweet! i love those last few pics of the three of you. i remember two weeks was just about the time i was ready to get out and about :D and her little visitor is pretty rad!
Heather said…
So cute!! great pictures ~Love Heather
Oh bet she loved the river sounds and a breeze in the leaves, I can just feel how beautiful that must have been, in the light of these pics.
Jenna E said…
Gorgeous photos! Looks like a perfect spot to spend the day
Andrea said…
what a magical day for little Lucinda! This last photo of the two of you is absolutely insanely beautiful :) That must be framed and/or distributed immediately!
Ms. Cumming said…
I'm a fairly new reader, and I have to say thank you for that enlightening and informative birth story! It doesn't always turn out the way you want, but you just do what you can and what feels right at the time-and you did. I was touched by the love and support during and after the birth (all that glorious food). And of course the vintage baby dresses!
i love that you and darin are just reveling in these early days (as i am sure you will continue through all the days). i know it is super cliche, but it really is such a fleeting time!

you were missed at the nc craft fair, but i totally understand your absence--i hope that you gals had a good first day alone and that darin managed to get through his first day back to work alright. i remember that day like it was yesterday (fleeting, i tell you!).

oh! she is so teeny tiny! i swear i gave birth to three month olds, my kids were so huge. i never had the tiny little newborn like that. she is just perfect. so glad to see you out and about. you guys look so happy and sweet! thanks for sharing.
Joanne said…
Wow, Heather, how amazing for Lucy to experience the sensory world of the river so early after emerging! It's so wonderful you have her outside to feel this amazing world- so many new babies seem to spend all their time indoors and overprotected from sun and fresh air, which is really sad. Thanks for taking the time to share your family journey with us all! Your posts have made me really happy during this cold, wet, grey summer here in England :) <3 Joanne
kerttu said…
Oh my,You all look so happy and beautiful.
lots of love there:-)
What a lovely tiny creature and a great way to spend her two week birthday!!
Missa said…
What a lovely day! I can't get over that last photo, so gorgeous!
Kimberly said…
Awesome Heath!!! And you look beautiful!!!
Tera said…
You have a beautiful baby and a beautiful life!

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