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september blues and a prayer for rain

i heard that rain is coming next week. i am doing a rain dance and bathing in pink sunset light and begging that pretty old sky . YES, send us rain. i found these pictures that darin took five months ago, mayday: our backyard was achingly green, there were flowers and bees and color. (if you click to enlarge, you can see the bee's eyes staring solemnly at the camera, or at least i like to think those are her eyes glowing)
there were ladybugs mating on vibrant leaves.
 remember i wrote about the greening life? now all is brittle around me. unfortunately we can't afford to keep our yard or garden green in this town, (see here if you want to know why, and actually mine is much worse than the person they interview) so everything is yellow, arid and dry. i know i've complained about this before, and it is not wise or sweet or happy to complain. this i know. and i know if i change my attitude that "dry" could be "golden" and i could be loving the fact that i…

that lucky old sun

sunday was a blissful day. it was my mama's 60th birthday. can you believe she is sixty?! i would not stand for her feeling down about it. she is fabulous, smart, fun, happy, beautiful and in love. what better way to age?! we went to an antique fair on main street. and best of was finally cool enough to wear this gorgeous yellow gauzy billowy dress that brigit sent me last month! (you guys she sent me soooo many goodies, it was like christmas. little by little i will show off some of the pieces)

i don't even think brigit had any idea that i am completely obsessed with gauzy cotton dresses. i like them free and flowy, or belted or with boots or with sandals. they are the most versatile, gorgeous, natural pieces of clothing and i could wear one every day.

i felt like a dream. just like cel posted the other day, sometimes you just feel so GOOD in what you're wearing. and everyone smiles at you and compliments your dress and you are completely comfortable and feel a …

Wild West Soiree

friday night i headed across the canyon in the cool fall eve to join my sister and her friends in nevada city for a big ol' wild west style bash that she's been cooking up for quite some time. 

everyone showed up in kerchiefs, boots, leather, turquoise, suspenders, vests, holsters, bullets and feathers. true hoe-down fashion.  i wore an antique black corset, silky blue feather boa, and poufy black bloomers with blue ribbons. we slugged whiskey from flasks and stirred cocktails with a stick. there were cakes soaked in rum and shaped like cowboy boots. flags, stars, lights, and homemade saloon doors. addie even had tinny ragtime music coming from hidden speakers so it sounded like it was playing in some haunted basement.
there's me frolicking with sasha. the dancing just couldn't quit.
four september birthday girls celebrated that night: addie, bee, andi, and kristen. what grand old dames, a saucy brothel, a beauteous bevy!
kristen bids a welcome.
a wicked prop and bee.

last days of summer

summer ends tonight. the days are still 94 degrees here and we've been making the most of it. yesterday we went to a local brewery to share a farmhouse ale and take some photos with our new holga-style lens.  i love it.

darin did some modeling for my shop. that's why we ended up at the brewery. he said, i'll be much more agreeable about all this if i get a beer in me.

check out that iris!  damn i love embroidered shirts. you can truly feel the love and beauty and care in the stitchery. 

i wore this DeGrazia pendant i thrifted earlier in the day. twice we have visited and rhapsodized over DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun in Tucson; we were there on our road trip last fall. it deserves its own post and one day i will show it. meanwhile, i love the colors and shapes and tenderness of this papoose etching on wood.  i also wore two raggedy cotton slips as a skirt. the top one is really tattered around the waist area but i layered another one underneath, belted it all and voi…