apple picking days

on sunday evening i got a bee in my bonnet to go to apple hill and do a little photo shoot.
now usually on a sunday in september, i would never brave the teeming crowds at apple hill, but this time it was after hours. all the farmstands had closed up shop, the craft stands were covered in canvas, the sun was going down over the western vineyards sloping down into the canyon, and i had the orchards all to myself!

i wanted to do a little modeling for my etsy shop but i am soooo very awkward about solo photo shoots for so many reasons including but not limited to:

 1. if a car drives by and i think there is a chance anyone will see me photographing myself i get super flustered and embarrassed and fight the urge to run and hide and instead stand there trying to look natural and looking like a total dumbstruck moron instead 

2. i feel like i am trespassing (cause i am) and glance sneakily and guiltily around all the time

3. i am mortified about changing in public, not out of any modesty issues myself but out of sympathy for an innocent bystander who might chance upon me and wonder wtf?!

add to that my paranoia about my camera possibly toppling over on the tripod, and i'm jumpy as a catfish.

needless to say, i got a whopping TWO items photographed before the sun went down.
but i did have fun frolicking that little dirt road, watching deer and jackrabbits, and gathering windfall.
despite my guilt, i came home with a basket of pears, walnuts, and apples with only a few bites and bruises.

two good signs: a flock of geese changed direction right over my head, and a woman's haunting bluesy singing voice came floating through the vineyards toward me. i felt like i had landed in a secret hilly wonderland, and the sky turned pink and violet, and the sun went down.

now...i will continue to pray for cooler days and real fall, and hope to come back after the equinox!

outfit deets:
skirt: for sale in my etsy shop
white eyelet top: from becky at a clothing exchange this summer
sandals: Blowfish, on clearance from a long ago Delia's sale
hat: thrifted
feather earrings: made by emily and gifted to me
turquoise necklace: handmade, from a local trading post that closed down


Suki said…
I love these photos and the story behind them! It makes me feel better about being so shy.

Gorgeous skirt too!
Amanda said…
sounds like a good sunday outing to me
Andrea said…
Heather-- I love you-- it's official (we should set a date) :) Let me explain, for fear of seeming like a crazy lady.... i too feel incredibly awkward about said "photoshoots"... although I'd love to be able to lug my tripod around town I get too easily embarrassed to follow through. However, you my dear are too adorable in your apple picking inspired attire! Love the last photo.... so peaceful :)
Sailor Purrs said…
Apple-picking days on an autumn day = favorite thing of all time. I always take photos of myself and I don't have a tripod, so usually a tree or a wall is the "woman" behind the camera. Yes. You're perfect, friend!
Teeny said…
Yes. Awkwardness. You are such an adorable munchkin that it is more likely viewers would stop for the entertainment of seeing such a pretty lady. Glad you got some gorgeous produce to take home - have you ever made that salad that has sliced pear, grilled haloumi, walnuts and spinach leaves??? It is wonderful and i insist you try it.
Tina Dawn said…
Love your skirt! Thanks for your comments on my Placerville posts. I don't get many, so they are much appreciated. I have a friend with an Apple Hill business and get to go visit there in October and pick apples without trespassing or tourists. Come wander down their dirt road then and I will be your tripod. Love T
Celynne said…
I spend so much time taking my own photos, I feel awkward when I actually have someone else to photograph me hah. I always feel like I'm imposing on them and that they must think I'm crazy for wanting these silly outfit photos.

That skirt looks so pretty on you. And I'm sure no random stranger would be that horrified to come upon you mid-change in an orchard hah.
anne said…
yep. totally understand about picture taking. before i saw this post i was just thinking how much i liked all your new items and photos for etsy. so, regardless of feeling awkward, your photos rule!

can't wait to go apple picking. we always go when we visit my sister. it's super fun. i hope to go to the pumpkin patch as well, nothing like cutting your own pumpkin off the vine.

the sunset pic is breathtaking!
whit said…
Adore your skirt, adore you. :)
gorgeous necklace. i completely relate to the photo-related worries :) but the ones you did manage to capture are lovely!
i have been itching to get up to apple hill, too, but i have to get there during business hours (read: apple. cider. donuts.)
Elisheva said…
You did amazingly and beautifully despite your cat fishedness... these photos are gorgeous!!
Amy Beatty said…
everything about this day and photo shoot are amazing all the way down to those cute sandals and apples on the ground. I'm totally diggin the whole get-up. way too adorable. you complete me xo

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