last days of summer

summer ends tonight. the days are still 94 degrees here and we've been making the most of it. yesterday we went to a local brewery to share a farmhouse ale and take some photos with our new holga-style lens. 
i love it.

darin did some modeling for my shop. that's why we ended up at the brewery. he said, i'll be much more agreeable about all this if i get a beer in me.

check out that iris!  damn i love embroidered shirts. you can truly feel the love and beauty and care in the stitchery. 

i wore this DeGrazia pendant i thrifted earlier in the day. twice we have visited and rhapsodized over DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun in Tucson; we were there on our road trip last fall. it deserves its own post and one day i will show it. meanwhile, i love the colors and shapes and tenderness of this papoose etching on wood.
 i also wore two raggedy cotton slips as a skirt. the top one is really tattered around the waist area but i layered another one underneath, belted it all and voila! passes as presentable for me.


then today we went to the river. the canyon was already shaded by the time we hiked down the steep dusty trail, but the cold water felt great anyway. 

photos from the holga lens:

non-holgas follow:

here's me after a quick skinnydip :)

these rocks are so warm, the perfect place to hang out on the last day of summer.

speaking of hanging out with my hub, here is a list of the movies we have watched in the last few days:
have you seen any of them?

that much movie watching must mean it's fall.
happy equinox and mabon everyone. 
my digs from brewery day:
purple indian tank: free from a clothing exchange a long time ago
2 white cotton slips: thrifted over the ages
belt: thrifted a year ago
papoose pendant: thrifted yesterday $2.50
isis pendant: gift eons ago (i'm still going to tell that story sometime)
turquoise and purple scarf: thrifted yesterday 50 cents
earrings: gift from darin's mom

darin's embroidered shirts: both vintage, thrfited, one available here, one he chose to keep :)


Amanda said…
We watched the Wild and Wonderful Whites a little while back after a friend mentioned it...I am still haunted by those people.
pretty mama. love the top.
Milla said…
Happy Equinox love dove. You and Darin make my heart sing. You are such a beautiful, joyous creature and he looks so wise and mirthful, what a old soul. Come visit please ;)
Teeny said…
It's the Rugby World Cup my darling friend, don't you know that is ALL New Zealanders are watching right now! ;P
I had a dream that i visited you the other night, you had a really big fridge and there was alot of food and beer and it was sunny and goodtimes.
Celynne said…
I love embroidered shirts, that iris one is so cool. If only I could get my boyfriend to dress in shirts like that hah.

I wish it were still warm enough to swim outside here. The nights are cold and so the water is cold too.

And thank you for reading my blog and all the kind words you leave me. I really do cherish and appreciate them ever so much.
Amy Beatty said…
looks like the best day out for lovers. matching hotness and cuteness couple. golden sunlight, fresh apples are to die for!! and I'm not lying. they are hard to beat. skinny dippping sounds so wonderful right now. love that you guys have little adventures together. xoxoxo all the pics are so dreamy and make me so happy that fall has come even though its still warm.

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