Wild West Soiree

friday night i headed across the canyon in the cool fall eve to join my sister and her friends in nevada city for a big ol' wild west style bash that she's been cooking up for quite some time. 

everyone showed up in kerchiefs, boots, leather, turquoise, suspenders, vests, holsters, bullets and feathers.
true hoe-down fashion. 
i wore an antique black corset, silky blue feather boa, and poufy black bloomers with blue ribbons.
we slugged whiskey from flasks and stirred cocktails with a stick. there were cakes soaked in rum and shaped like cowboy boots. flags, stars, lights, and homemade saloon doors.
addie even had tinny ragtime music coming from hidden speakers so it sounded like it was playing in some haunted basement.

there's me frolicking with sasha. the dancing just couldn't quit.

four september birthday girls celebrated that night: addie, bee, andi, and kristen.
what grand old dames, a saucy brothel, a beauteous bevy!

kristen bids a welcome.

a wicked prop and bee.

art rocking his mega fringe jacket.

i loved getting to know all these nevada city ladies. they are so fine. in fact there were so many fine and fancy people to talk to, so many twirling dances to dance, so many late night rhapsodies and adventures...that i didn't go to sleep til six a.m! the time flew. i thought, damn girl. guess you still got it. (ok really i didn't think much at all at that point)

best of all was getting to hang out with my sis. the two of us had the bright idea to go on a moonlit hike at some point in the wee hours down to the creek down the hill from her house. that path was a little steep for me and i tumbled over the edge! laughing it off with every heft back up through the brambles. ooooddellllally!!

rip roaring my way in to the new season.
HELLO fall.

(many of these photos c/o my new friend jessica, source here)


theequinebovine said…
you guys throw the best of the best parties. cosmic, I was just thinking today when I was going to see your next blog post :) Happy , very Happy Fall to you! xox
Missa said…
Yay for saloon girls! I would have fit right in with you lovely lassies in my Regatta outfit, how freakin' fun! Alright, off to bed ;)
Celynne said…
Talk about a party! This looks like an awesome time. I love the nights that flash by in joy and surprise you with sunrises.
Amanda said…
You guys always look like you always have such a good time.
Amy Beatty said…
you know life has been a wee bit crazy when I can't even keep up with my favorite blogger. Addies birthday bash is the cutest funnest thing I have ever heard or dreamed about. Just perfect for her. Love all the little details and outfits. YOu girls are out of this world gorgeous!!! HOw much fun it would be to dance all night and go for moonlight walks. I love it all.
that last picture of you and adie?? Perfection. if genuine ol'timey pictures could be in color they'd look like this. yeehaw!!!
Teeny said…
Hahahahaha, the best funniest laughiest times are sometimes the most drunken (of tumbles). Girl, I'm so proud of you representing all of us 30 something year old ladies...staying up to 6AM, legend!!! I bet it was one of those nights that just made you smile on the inside all day. Thanks for sharing the pics...you gals are gorgeous. much love! xx
Milla said…
Oh la la, fancy ladies! What a fun lookin' party! I love it! Adie sure knows how to throw a good birthday shindig! And here outfit is to die for! It's so cool everyone went through the effort of dressing up all perfect to the theme and danced the night away in merry debauchery.
Thanks for sharing these fun times with us.
AdieSpringB said…
bun, can you b'lieve I JUST NOW LOOKED AT THIS!!!? I had NO idea you posted it, I should've known. Perfect, just perfect! Call you later.

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