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Ode to the Stretch Pant

Do you remember the stretchy knit pants that were rampant in the 80s and early 90s?  Often floral, but really sporting any number of print or pattern, perhaps a little buffalo check or a geometric design, sometimes with stirrups, sometimes with pockets, sometimes skintight, sometimes a little more baggy. Moms wore them in solids with sweatshirts or tiger print. 
I had plaid ones and rose print ones and cream stirrups. And now I want them ALL BACK!
This desire is new for me. I admit, it just miiiight be related to my growing tummy and a need for extreme comfort. I'm talking nice stretchy waistband that can be pulled ABOVE the bulge comfort. None of this low waisted, hip-hugger, sliding-off-the-hips biz. Also I'm talking nice soft cotton, kind of thick, not sheer like tights.
So the other day I caved and w…

blossoming bliss

i love wednesdays.  i have the day off and darin has to sleep during the day because he works a graveyard shift overnight tuesday night. so i usually have a quiet morning to myself, doing whatever the hell i like. this is what i wore yesterday for a trip to the thrift stores in folsom.

i will be sixteen weeks tomorrow! i think my little belly is really blossoming. at night it even looks much bigger than this. my regular clothes still fit though, which is nice. but really that just shows that my regular clothes are built for comfort, not style! i do think that soon i'll have to pack up my fitted-waist skirts, and probably my gunnes too.

supposedly my baby can hear my voice now, and can make facial expressions and stretch out.

i was thinking yesterday about how i love my alone time. after taking these photos i packed myself a little snack and got in my car. i had my ipod on shuffle and the best songs were coming on, from cat stevens to bon iver to nina nastasia to joanna newsom. th…

Wizard King Video

here is a little video i made in celebration of darin's birthday back in november, with footage from the trip we took to joshua tree and the coast. it's a little late :) but with all the me,me,me lately i thought i'd give my man some airtime!

"In canyon country, you pick your own path."

all together on saturday morning we left the hustle and bustle of provo and struck out with our wild adventurous hearts for the desert canyonlands of moab, utah.

couldn't resist a stop in the weird dusty little town of green river. it was fill-a-bag for $2 day at the thrift store, and we made quick work of the place.

we had a big laugh at this next picture later - - thrifting is serious business for these two!
arriving in our beloved red rock country. i am glad i just finished another Terry Tempest Williams book, An Unspoken Hunger, so i can return to it now for echoes of these places that invigorate and inspire our souls.
"Hands on the earth, I closed my eyes and remembered where the source of my power lies."

addie is especially enamored of these lands. it feels like the very heart, the center, of her body she says. "Each of us harbors a homeland, a landscape we naturally comprehend. By understanding the dependability of place, we can anchor ourselves as trees.&qu…