Wizard King Video

here is a little video i made in celebration of darin's birthday back in november, with footage from the trip we took to joshua tree and the coast.
it's a little late :) but with all the me,me,me lately i thought i'd give my man some airtime!


Lena said…
This is so sweet and loving, it pulled at my heart. You and your man make such a beautiful, luminously warm and passionately curious and creative couple. Have you written anywhere the story of how you met? I am always interested in how souls find each other in this world.
it's the portugee in him. you can't help but be a bad ass if you are portugese.
anne said…
i was listening to tom waits here at home when i started watching this video :D love it. what a sweet way to say i love u to your man!
Elisheva said…
You two are the sweetest buttons. What a Mama and Papa you guys are going to make. xx
Anonymous said…
so darling! wonderful to see the beauty in a person through someone else's eyes. what you love about him is apparent from what you filmed. i really love how slow and attentive he is with different plants and things he finds. and to have a little flask, to sip on throughout the day...now there's a man who knows how to travel! adorable how in love you both are. no wonder a baby couldn't resist coming into your world with an invitation like that.

btw, jeff is portugese too. like that means anything, but still, just interesting. xoxoxox
Violet Folklore said…
Well then, Darin is quite the strapping manly man now, isn't he?
Missa said…
Ha! Yes, the strapping manly man who can rock a pink shirt like nobody's business! This is wonderful. You two are adorable. I love that striped sweater :)

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