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Nevada City Bizarre - Summer Edition!

Guess who's back? Back again? Becky's back. Moonshine's back.  (i really want to launch into the words, "i created a monster...." emily sang that song, or should i say rapped it, at karaoke last week. it was pretty damn hilarious.)  i guess this means i better include: two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside. (darin's favorite song lyric ever.) anyway i am getting off track here.

my point being, of course, becky and i came back to the summertime version of the  Nevada City Bizarre to set up our vintage wares and meet up with all our lovely friends from across the canyon. This time with baby in tow! Oliver was a fine, fine boothmate let me tell ya. It only takes one thing to make him happy:  food! mama-food.  ok and some daddy playtime. lucky boy had both in scores.
i got to see some of the wisest, wittiest, prettiest women in the world. nicole of flaming hag folkwear and amber of violet folklore. (see their lovely …

what kind of world do we want to create?

it is nearing the end of august; i can't believe it. every day there is fun stuff happening compounding upon more fun stuff happening; so much so that time rushes by even more quickly than i ever imagined it could. the world feels big around me. and i am small and i can't keep up tho i thrust forth my spirit with love for it all.

since i got back from utah (with a busted-up heart confused and nostalgic and lost in love with the desert and hungry for more travels) there have been:

bookstore days,
camping at silver lake,

waterslides and hidden pools and

stargazing in the deep quiet mountains,
photo shoots,
trivia night,
moving celebration and jorden and beck's big fitty-cent vintage clothes sale (!)
massive dance party (wiped me out)

conversation upon conversation,
park romps,
play practice,
wine tasting,

through all that, our friend ida, the amazing performer, artist and teacher extraordinaire, has been visiting from norway (staying with us since our roomma…


the best thing about traveling with my family is that we are all a bunch of dorks, and when we are together many dorky things happen. it probably gets pretty downright obnoxious for those around us, but we do try our darndest to put the lid on it by quiet time. here are some of our ridiculous exploits.
#1. at a gas stop on the road trip through nevada, i tried to toss darin the car keys and maybe, just maybe tossed them up on the roof instead. not just the first level over the doorway, but all the way up on the big rooftop. came outta left field. joey had to borrow a ladder and go up, then pull the ladder onto the rooftop of the entranceway and go up again another level to fetch them on the scalding metal roof. i looked on, chagrined.

#2. we seem to take a lotta pictures in front of bathrooms.

#3. when my three brothers get together, they are hilarious. they make fun of each other and do weird tricks with their bodies.

we got a kick of how freakishly ripped joey is here.
#4. as for u…