Nevada City Bizarre - Summer Edition!

Guess who's back? Back again? Becky's back. Moonshine's back. 
(i really want to launch into the words, "i created a monster...."
emily sang that song, or should i say rapped it, at karaoke last week. it was pretty damn hilarious.)
 i guess this means i better include:
two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside.
(darin's favorite song lyric ever.)
anyway i am getting off track here.


my point being, of course, becky and i came back to the summertime version of the  Nevada City Bizarre to set up our vintage wares and meet up with all our lovely friends from across the canyon.
This time with baby in tow!
Oliver was a fine, fine boothmate let me tell ya.
It only takes one thing to make him happy:  food! mama-food. 
ok and some daddy playtime. lucky boy had both in scores.

i got to see some of the wisest, wittiest, prettiest women in the world.
nicole of flaming hag folkwear and amber of violet folklore. (see their lovely posts about the bizarre here and here....looks like my own blogging has fallen behind, sorry lades)
it feels like another world when we were all together in february tromping through these same streets in sweaters with our gals missa and milla and sadie and addie.
now it's hot and sticky, we are busy with our wares and changes and stories in a summertime whirlwind.
so much fun to reconnect.

sasha and pal visiting our little corner of the world.  (we got the same corner booth as last time. we love it. it feels like home)
goddesses are all around you when you are in nevada city.

we had amber on one side, and then on the other side of her...our placerville friend zack and his amazing intricate fantastical artwork.  i felt surrounded by friends and loved ones. i guess that's why my day felt so full i could hardly stop spinning. my senses and heart were absolutely overwhelmed.

it is fun to see which items interest shoppers. the ladies aren't as into long dresses this time around...probably because it was too hot to imagine trying on anything with extra fabric! i do love me some maxis....

addie and chris over at sasha's Astral Boutique booth...o so much to many pretties...

darin was a great hubby. he built me a rack for my clothes which we painted pink. he also made me my sign (top of this post) with which i am totally in love. for that i let him leave with the boys to go to the river, drink beer all day, watch music, and go out to our favorite pizza ever at the end of the night.

one last note: i love the Miner's Foundry. (the venue of this event) i wish placerville had something comparable. it has stories and history contained in its wood and stone. i love the way it looks inside and the feeling of being there, surrounded by hand crafted goodness and vintage beauty. i loved meeting more nevada city friends and seeing people's summer frocks and lit up smiles. twas a special day indeed. i can't wait till winter; we'll be back again!


Celynne said…
I expressed the same sentiment on one of the other ladies' blogs, but man I wish I could go to these events. I'd probably pass out in wonder from all the vintage goodness, not to mention being surrounded by you galls. I'm glad it was a good time for you and that things went well :)
fun! this looks like such a cool event. oh, and i sent you your package FINALLY!!!! hopefully it gets there soon and i didn't misjudge your size too badly.
Amanda said…
sounds like fun all around!
Andrea said…
oh wow! if I could be a fly on a wall... or maybe even just a human in a crowd... I'd love to browse :)
Amy Beatty said…
I was wondering if darin made that for you.. i clicked on it and had a good look - way cute. That sweet and crafty honey of yours. I also love that pic of the the dresses. I don't care how hot it is (well, I think so) I would want them all!! Wish I could have been there and partaken of all its glory!
Nicky said…
SO rad! How fun that all those gals were around- AND that Darin built you a rack. I just opened an antique space with my Mama and am in need of a hubby rack- mine's working out the nitty gritty right now :D Great shots and what a fun time. I think in person, people don't buy the same stuff that our Etsy shoppers purchase!?! Maybe it's an over seas thing? Happy Wednesday pretty lady!
it was so good to see you again, and to finally get to meet darin!
we have had such good times at the summer bizarres that we are totally planning on making it to the winter event this year, too.
thanks for giving k a sweet deal on the little black gunne--i will post pics of her wearing it soon.
Teeny said…
Hey sweetie patootie, great to see you looking gorgeous and glowing with happiness. We have our Art/craft exhibition this weekend! Hope it is half as fun as your event looks.
Elisheva said…
Well I found your lovely words on my wee blog and had to come over and catch up on what you have been up to. Its a great sight I tell you, of color and magic and landscape and texture and happy lassies in vintage. Wow, I would be dizzy with the gorgeousness of that event, And what a world away it is from this village I live in. Wow, what utter fun!!!!!!
Again I see this great community of people about you and all that good sunshine and river time, so good for the soul. And of course great vintage dresses... and all that great earth under your feet Loving you too ; )
x E
Missa said…
Fun fun fun! I've got to make it to one of these, winter perhaps? I just want to jump right into that picture with you and Amber and Nicole and give you all big hugs and then I want to peruse all yall's racks of vintage loveliness!

Well, I guess I'll go try to fall asleep now to the tune of "two trailer park girls go round the outside round the outside round the outside..." over and over in my head. Oh Heather :)
mo marie said…
Oh Heather how wonderful your booth turned out. I was wishing so badly I could attend. I see so many great looking treasures in those pics. Hope you and Becky did fantastic. I want to do a booth in the winter. Would be so awesome to hang with you ladies vintage style. much love.

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