shapshots and shenanigans - winter BIZZZarre nevada city

oh what cuties my boothmates are!

i bet you can't tell but becky is going to have a baby come early feb...crazy huh?! all day we tripped out on whether it will be a boy or girl, what it will look like and act like and do, what kinds of places they will take him or her and what life will be like. i can tell you one thing, that becky will be a hell of a good mama.

addie and i both wore velvet dresses, hers in red and mine in green.
just like when we were tiny wee ones, 14 months apart and dressed up like twinnies but her in pink and me in lavender. we still can't resist.

boothy neighbors with outlandishly enchanting wares:

here's the lower level booths. our friend rachel was located down there to the right where you can see a rounded rack of vintage dresses.

BREAKFAST at ike's. addie's husband art works there, right jolly and brisk.
we had potato boats with varying ingredients and spelt toast and ginger berry jelly and good strong coffee.
just what we needed after staying up way too late for stan's birthday party (BAD idea, but SO fun)

darin and i took one look at each other on the walk afterwards and said, "did we just eat the best meal we've ever had?"

we brought a buncha placerville folks who stayed all day and enjoyed the quaintness of our cousin mountain town. it's the hip, artsy, tasteful version of placerville. we are the scruffy nerdy cousin town with not enough bookstores and way too many thomas kincaid paintings. 

here are jamie and tim looking dapper.

and us gals in holiday regalia.

back to the miners foundry through the pouring rain!
back to cozy stone walls draped with tapestries, bloody marys served at the bar, vibrant crafty colors every which way, massages and flowers and soaps and healing, and girls in ruffles and feathers gallivanting.

here's a booth i loved.
"A Boy Named Coy" : this duo makes pouches from recycled vintage ties and rad sketchbooks from old children's books. i really loved them but didn't get their names.

look at this missy out from behind her booth! i was eyeing her outfit all day. and she had a spritely way about her to match it.

here's rachel down at her booth, greeting all comers with the sweetest of ease.

and a close up of THAT DRESS! a gorgeous vintage wintry blustery flared sweater dress in cranberry wine given to her by a rad woman friend of hers.

and the boots the boots the boots.
on loan from the same ladyfriend, leanne, who was also rachel's boothmate. these boots were made by leanne's artist friend in the 70s. handmade down to the very toggles and antler buttons. i swoon. she gets to prance around in these babies all winter!

the lovely girls, amber and mycie pay us a visit....

...leaving graham back at her wondrous booth of violet folklore wonders...

and i finally got to meet the remarkable Sadie Rose, even more impishly divine in person with such fine lovely arts.

back at our booth, our boys trying to stay entertained. they did a lot of walking around, drinking beer, and teasing us for having excessive amounts of vintage clothes. it was good to have them there.

cute ruffle bootied girls digging through the $5 bin.

these little kids each carefully chose a miniature from me of a teensy woodland scene. i sold them for $2 each and the kids were quite pleased. it warmed my heart bigtime. the little girl on the right was buying hers as a gift to her cousin, the other little girl, and very slyly told me so!

more placerville friends came over the hills....
some kids you might remember from here, darling ladies bridget, allie and monique.

monique has quite the flair for delightful vintage fashions and making her own creations.
she is prone to exclaiming how much she loves being a woman because it is so fun to dress up!
check out her stab-me-in-the-gut-
GORGEOUS folksy outfit.

becky and i womanning the booth.
another shot of our little shoppy. i feel awfully fond of it.

stan and lesley and the whole dang gang from the party the night before made the trek over even with the friends that had come from santa cruz.
here's les looking fresh as a daisy after quite the night.

yet aNOTHER gal pal from our hood. chelsea, in cutie patootie christmas skirt she sewed herself.
makes me proud to know such lovely and talented ladies.

the illustrious taco stand at sunset.

cozy lighting, little round tables, veggie tacos, live folk music = perf.

 i like this shot of the back of me cause i think my tights are pretty :)

and one of the ladies that makes this whole dreamy thing happen!

i am so grateful to sasha and the other ladies who started this!
i met leora too, one of the other founding mothers, but sadly did not get a photo. she was so gracious and electrifying. as were all the inspiring women and men involved.
i want stuff like this to happen all the time.
thanks for looking if you still are (whew!) and HAPPY ECLIPSE, FULL MOON AND SOLSTICE!


Amy Beatty said…
yee haw, I'm first again. And I again just want to dig through it all. And your tights did look pretty. Everyone looked so cheerful and stylin. Did you stay at your cute shop most the time or did you get to go buy anything or can you just trade like in the old days? Five dollar bins are my favorite and what is this talk of the kids buying little scenes? Just tonight I talked to a few people about Nevada City and Auburn but I was way nicer about it. I called them sister citys. Dorky cousins works very well too. But it is almost 1am here so I better hit the hay and dream of your shop and its wonders. We actually got to go to two parties tonight and I need to sleep some sweets off. I'm crossing my fingers that you and Adie make it out. It has been snowing for like 24 hours straight. I'm hoping it doesn't stop till after Christmas. It is just way too dreamy and wonderful. Love you sssssssssso xo
Anonymous said…
Och, it looks like you had SO MUCH FUN. I'm so envious :) There aren't such cool things in my area. Happy Solstice!!
Heidi Ann said…
That looks like the most wonderful venue to shop in! Such a fantastic array of splendiferous items from unique sellers. I think I need to try and make it next year. Thanks so much for sharing all of the great photos - almost made me feel like I HAD been there.
NikkNaks said…
Everything looks amazing, wish I would have gone!!
Cel said…
That was fantastic! This makes me wish I could have gone all the more. You're so lucky to be near and be friends with so many wonderful ladies so fond of vintage!
Missa said…
Yup, just like everyone else, soooooo wish I could have been there! Your wonderful posts really are the next best thing though, thanks so much for taking us there virtually :)

You and Becky had such a cute set up and man did it look packed with TREASURES! Loved seeing you and Addie in your coordinating velvet dresses, so pretty, and how fun to catch a glimpse of Amber and Mycie, I miss seeing those two cuties around the internets.

Also have to make mention of your friend Rachel and her most perfect of holiday sweater dresses, and those BOOTS! They are KILLING me.

Hope you've been enjoying a fun and festive Solstice with your awesome crew!
Milla said…
Oh my! Ya'll are so very cute. It looks like a blast was had by all. I love your all the holiday appropriate green all the pretty ladies seem to be wearing and those 70s boots are perfect.

I too love seeing a wee glimpse of all the friendly faces, blog friends, babes and boyfriends (Hubbies)

I'm glad you had a beautiful day and look forward to reading about your magical Solstice.

Love love love
Milla said…
Also, I forgot to mention that Thomas Kincaid "The Painter Of Light" is like Charlie and my arch nemesis. We used to get this hilarious catalogue from these people (hopefully only because the previous tenant of our po box had baaaad taste) and he's a bedrock of their scene. "It lights up!" "Attitude angels!" "Dog music boxes!" "Elvis knives" "Native American Angel Rotating Music Box That Lights Up"...

Come to think of it I kinda miss that catalogue...
Sadie Rose said…
Yayyy!!! thank you for the kind words and for taking so many great photos. i'm putting my post up tomorrow with a cute pic of you and becky. you girls are the sweetness. can't wait until next time!! xoxoxo
Aw, I wish I could have made it this time around...but your posts are the next best thing. Glad you had so much fun, and thanks for sharing it!
anne said…
wow! this looks so amazing! what fun you must have had. your booth looks awesome and those boots! my goodness, they are greatest thing i've seen in a while!
you are too funny with your thomas kinkade comment. you had me laughing out loud :D
great, fun, heather-y post! my favorite :D
Nicky said…
Your tights are SO pretty- and good God... I wish I were a part of that fabulous day! It sounded like such a whimsical... magical.. kinda day. Those boots are taking my breath away currently, and the Christmas skirt???? Sheesh- you had a lot of good material here lil' Mama! :D Merry Christmas Heather- I hope you have a fantastic day!!!! xo

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