may your day be merry and bright

christmas is here.
after all the madness....

from a (one!) quiet night watching the eclipse with my sweetheart. the clouds magically parted just at the peak of fullness, and after hours of thinking i was going to miss it due to weather...i did a wee jig in the driveway. we were out there until 2 just soaking in that strange radiance.

to making wassail with mama at the solstice party...

which turned into more like a crazy-dance-party...

to a trip to the mall (!?) with my fun and cheery sister. in which i proceeded to buy myself (well, my household ;) a pound of Sees candies.

days at the bookstore wearing dresses that make me feel festive.

this one came from becky at our booth-day.

to addie's fancy cocktail party last night.

with tiny festive drinks made with cranberries and peppermints, creme de menthe, cocoa, milk.
apricot liqueur and grapefruit and violet and all manner of wondrous concoctions.

and lots of cat love.

and caroling down the midnight streets.

ruebi, an old and wonderful friend who is a new mama that lives in the city, told ryann and i "i hope you know how romantic your life is. you have all your girlfriends around you and your community and you are all here for each other doing fun things together." i loved it, it made me stop because yes, it is something i do know, but sometimes i forget. and my town seems small, house seems shabby, errands seem mundane.
and then in a glorious moment i know again that making a commitment to your small town and community is a pretty beautiful thing. and that all that matters is the love you give and wrap yourself up in so cozily.

and then today, off to see darin's family that lives in the bay area and play with this little spunkster all day.

darin's brother sinjin, skateboarder extraordinaire.

and at last, after all the rushing...quiet time. a fire in the stove, my favorite holiday movie in the vcr, sees candies in my belly, cats tumbling and playing all over the wrapped gifts, and a whole lot of love.

i actually cried this morning because christmas has gone too fast. i have to figure out a way to slow down time, to make every moment stretch, to find calm and stillness within myself even in the busy days. (enya helped a little from time to time this season)
i can't complain about too much fun, it's just that i love it all too much, and it flies.
but i do have peace in my heart tonight, and i will remember this feeling.

merriest christmas to all of you out there in our lovely world.
i hope it is a most magical day.


forestlass said…
Merry, merry Christmas to you, dear. You are indeed so very lucky to have tons of wonderful people around. I hope the coming new year is as blessed as ever for you. Much love from this misty mountain. Hugs :)
Bee said…
merry xmas! meet me in st louis kills me too. judy garland was my very first obsession as a little girl.
sanya said…
Merry christmas to you and all your loved ones! I hope you have a perfect day :) Also, you look absolutely amazing in your photos, I especially love the dress you snagged from becky's booth! Have a happy holiday!
Milla said…
Merry Christmas my sweet Heather! I hope that your Christmas Day stretches on forever golden and wonderful and full of light. There is so much love among you and yours that I'm sure your celebration is wondrous. Big hug of ginger bread and cider and sweet scented boughs.
Amy Beatty said…
A super merry Christmas, but maybe a little less merry on both accounts since we're not there. so sad! i think we ALWAYS have to be there from now on! still, a wonderful golden day. and there's snow on the ground here, so can I complain?

by the way, i am INSANELY jealous you got to see the eclipse. seriously. we had a wonderful night with friends--and it poured snow as wintry as it could--but i wanted to witness it. there's always next december i guess.

we SO loved all your gifts! you guys are too sweet. i will call you later today.

(my verification word is cedoaken, which is awesome: a mixture of cedar + oaken i take it.)
Amy Beatty said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
mooncowboy said…
that last comment was me, by the way
Celia said…
Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope you had a wonderful, magical Merry Christmas! It looks to me like you did!!
Teenysparkles said…
Merry Xmas to you too sweetness! Judging from the photos and your tears you had a truly festive love filled time! It is the most wonderful time of year isn't it. Most people seem to be more willing than usual to love and be loved and enjoy the community of Christmas.
Missa said…
WOW, what an action packed and fun-filled week! You truly are blessed miss heather, your friend ruebi knows what she's talkin' about. To be surrounded by so much joy and love and friendship and kinship not to mention all those lovely holiday dresses. This post just makes my heart smile :)

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