a very beatty christmas

although one never quite knows what to expect with our quite unruly family,
one thing you know for certain is that celebrations will be crazy.

that someone(s) will dance.

that there will be cats,
and mikie will be goofy and loud.

that i will wear a festive apron.

that there will be way too many good homemade treats, and that mikie will point at them.

and that darin will bury his nose in a book and read for a while in the midst of the madness.

that someone will get in a big rollicking argument (addie and mikie this year, and look how innocent she looks) but luckily it will be short-lived.

that conversation will be lively, and everyone will be trying to get a word in edgewise...

that i will make people dressed in cute vintage clothes pose for photos, like the ever-willing em.

that pops will stumble over his words quite endearingly (this year while reading an abridged version of the nativity story ((on his iphone no less,)) he mistakenly called the "babe" the "table." sweet pops.)

that we will all have tons of fun opening our gifts to each other because we LOVE surprising each other and making each other happy.

and joey might even try his out right away,
especially if it has anything to do with backpacking...

but mostly that we will be warm and cozy and festive and silly and happy together.

this year we missed my brother matt and his wife amy and their three rad rowdy wondrous kids.
they had a cozy white christmas at their own home in utah this year for the first time ever.
we had to take a sisters pic without amy, pffft?!!

meanwhile, the festivities continue through the week and my head is still spinning!
hope you're all enjoying this crazy bright time in the midst of winter.

is your family as crazy as mine?


Bee said…
haha, i always read during festivities, too. looks like a great holiday!!!
Bee said…
haha, i always read during festivities, too. looks like a great holiday!!!
Claire said…
I feel like I just peeked into your house. You guys look like you're having so much fun-family that you can play with is such a blessing. You and your sisters are too cute for words. Was Addie and Mikie's fight about who was better looking? Cause that one could go on forever.

As for reading at the party- that's me. How's the Mark Twain book? I'm excited to read it once my library gets it's hands on a copy :) I didn't get any books this year and I'm a little bit of a sad sack about it.

So I sent you a couple of e-mails, can you tell me if you got them? You've been a busy busy bee but I'm wondering if you think I'm not writing you back :0

As for crazy families, mine is scattered to the winds right now with siblings in Seattle, Philly, Boston and the South Seas. *Sigh* I miss them all really badly and I didn't get too into Christas this year. As much as everyone says the holidays take on so much more meaning when you ave kids- I've found that they take on more structure than anything else. I miss clowning around with the sibs. y husband's family is a basket of buts, though, so we have some good laughs.

Claire said…
Nuts. Basket of nuts. A backet of buts is kinda funny though.
Anna said…
You and your sisters are so adorable! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday!
Teenysparkles said…
You have such a cute family! Like inside and out! Our family Christmases are LOUD, everyone talks over one another and oohs and aahs at the new babies, and there is at least one drink spillage and too many rich puddings. But heaps of fun. So, kind of like your Xmas, but I don't think we're quite as adorable!
Milla said…
Ha-haa! I love that holiday apron shot! You guys definitely know how to party down, it's so fun to see even through the warped lens of a computer. That shot of Darin is priceless by the way.

We had a very fun mellow Christmas with a party for friends and extended family on Friday maxing out the house's capacity (10 people is about all we can fit) and more food and variety than I've ever had. There was nog, Indian potatoes, Finnish pies and Italian sausage. On Christmas day we went rowing with hubby and sister-in-law and took it easy with books and chocolates and old family videos.Our family it seems was way more nuts back in the day when C and J where little. It's all 80s extravaganza with day-glo short shorts and fannypacks. Yippee!

So, except for my mom not being here, it was the perfect Christmas.
AlphaBetsy said…
:) It looks like your family really enjoys their Christmas gathering...like you actually want to be there instead of just feeling obligated. You are very lucky for that. Fantastic photos... Thanks for letting us share your party.
anne said…
so many great shots! it looks like your christmas was super fun! family, laughs, food...you guys had it all, good times! merry christmas heather!
I can scarcely tell you apart from your sisters, you all are so pretty and dressed so festively cute!

So glad you all had such a big happy time!
Amy Beatty said…
Merry Christmas!!! WHat a wild bunch you guys are!! Now we know its not just Nana or the kids that are the crazy ones :) just joking. We are all a little crazy. But I do have to say we had a very nice, cozy, playful Christmas - no crazy madness. It was a real treat. Maybe one year you guys could come here? Just a thought, a dream. My favorite picture will have to be of the 2nd grader in his new sleeping bag - it's too great. Its the real child like Christmas bliss moment. I love you ALL way too much. I was so sad the day after Christmas. I'm so not feeling ready for a new year and older kids, it goes by way to fast. Love you xo
Astral Boutique said…
You are simply THE CUTEST. I love love love Christmas-time, and agree that it has flown too fast.... but I have to say, our family Christmases are awfully subdued compared to yours! I think it's cause Chris just has one brother, I'm an only child, and there are NO grandkids at all. You make me want to have a gaggle of young'uns so that we can have rollicking Christmases like yours for generations to come! But I do love getting a peek at your holiday.... it's like watching an awesome movie. Adorable sweetie pies, you all are. (-:
Missa said…
Seriously, y'all need to have your own reality show. I would be tuning in for sure, to watch laughter and high jinks ensue as the cutest, quirkiest, funnest family ever goes about daily life! Perhaps when Darin wraps Epic Dust that could be his next project ;)
Nicky said…
That was such a snuggly and warm looking Christmas- I love how you told a little story to go with it :D And whose super cute quilt is on the floor of the fireplace shot? Your outfit is SUPER cute and the kitty shot is hilarious :D Hope you have a fantastic New Years- I'm sure it's gonna be great- seems like you've surrounded yourself with some pretty fun folks :D

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