california dreamin on such a winter's day

i thought it was appropriate to wear my new blue-skies-winter-days dress in this afternoon's bright california sunshine....

and where, oh where did this perfect misty dame of a gown come from?

well, i received a bit of bright blue heaven in the mail yesterday, lovingly packaged up with images of ladylove and laughter and air and feathers...

all the way from a tiny island up north, through the blustery days and to my sunny california doorstep.
FROM MILLA! milla the merry, milla the wise, milla the mistress of magical parcels.

everyone was very excited about the arrival...

and i was immediately transported into mystical lands through images, fabrics, creations, and words.

even darin got a late-birthday bundle!
he got home from work later and joyously perused his loot. he loves mail almost as much as i do!

check out how perfectly his new handmade badass 70s snap shirt fits him...

and this...a lovely little tome. what a story, what magic, what synchronicity. he is actually reading it RIGHT NOW after a months-long search for an old copy. he is reading this same copy. now we have a more magical version, straight from milla's hands.

this is his "are you a witch milla?" face...

as for me, my riches knew no bound.

this most gorgeous gunne, the blue of oceans and sky, the blue of blood, the blue of hearts.
the perfect blue for a winter lady with a penchant for cowgirls and mystics.
and maxi dresses!

and the most exquisite earrings i've ever. ever. seen. i quake in my bones just placing them upon my lobes.
i am not exaggerating, that's how magical they feel.

how perfect that they are dream-catchers with feathers.
darin and i are on a bit of a dream journey lately; one of those themes that keep coming up.
my dreams have been crazy, long, realistic, fantastic, everything in between but most of all memorable.

and a pretty scarf too, all shot through with shimmer. reminds me of a dolphin, and my water soul.

i tried it out a few ways, feeling like a rambler, a homesteader, a nomad, a gypsygirl.

and best of all, mary.
classic mary right here folks, especially the benevolent gaze...told you i was an actor ;)

squintin at the sun, feeling my roots, laughing a little at my raspy goofy soul. and that crazy blue sky.
and the storms on the way,
and twirling my feathers all the while.

thank you milla. you sure know how to brighten a girl's life.


AdieSpringB said…
Bun. This is so adorable. But I have to say....

You are such a geeeeeeek! Even your stance in that last photo....dorkfest, but magically geeky i must add! Geeky JUST the way Anne of Green Gables is, so *exquisitely* dramatic. Mom always said twas I who was the dramatic one, but Bun....I think you've got a few on me! Have you watched Green Gables are soooooo her.

Talk about expressing oneself through the essence of words! I love ye! Wildly that is.
AdieSpringB said…

WHHHHERE mind you, is your Christmas list.....?
Blogging, I see, instead..?
Anonymous said…
You're so cute!! Your shenanigans have inspired me; there may be a Heather based character in this story I'm working on, complete with silliness, wisdom, contagious buoyancy, and much beauty. And of course, a lovely dress.
Milla said…
Dear, dear Heather, just to see your sweet smile is worth about a thousand and one packages. I'm so happy you enjoyed it. And Handsome Cowboy Darin. And the Cats. It may please you to know that the package was re-used-recycled-and-re-purposed from the package Nicole sent me last week.
That Holy Mother picture is the best! I damn near spat my mornin' tea all-over.
Oh and yes, I am a witch.

Lots of love to the homestead.
Anonymous said…
hi there, stumbled into your world... and glad i did.

LOVE that scarf too.

Cel said…
Yay, package in the mail! Milla is such a wonderful lady. Her's is actually the very first blog that got me into this blog reading business! I think my favourite scarf wearing way is with it tied around your hips, very gypsy. :) You look wonderful. Say, would you like some snow with your winter? I have more than enough haha.
oh, boxes of magic are the best!

i love your new gunne. gotta love the way a vintage gunne flatters the bod. can i post a couple pics of you in your newly gifted gunne on my much neglected gunne lovers blog?

here's to hoping there's a little more winter sunshine today...
thank you ladies for all your sweet comments!

yes nicole, please do! and next time you wanna have a gunnes parade i have a whole gaggle of girls that want to join in!
Heidi Ann said…
What a beautiful blue dream of a dress! And it looks so lovely on YOU, Heather!
Amy Beatty said…
Heavenly!!!!!!! SO amazing and perfect. I love you in that dress and everything about that day it all screamed love, peace and joy. You are so beautiful in the inside you are glowing. p.s. love those super long feather earrings. xoxo
Teenysparkles said…
That dress is perfect for you! Milla certainly made you a wonderful package of Heather goodness!
Missa said…
Oh, Milla and her packages of witchy blue magic... SO fun! That gunne is an absolute dream on you, really really beautiful, and I love how Darin's rad shirt goes so perfectly with it :)

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