more parties, loot, treasure to boot...

to my undying delight, i won sadie's Gypsy Queen Solstice giveaway!

here's my beauteous bounty.

just in time for milla's rad post about romany inspiration.
there's nothing i want more than to pile on my jewelry and all my earthly favorite skirts and petticoats and traipse through the land, a nomad and a wanderer. and yet there is also nothing i want more than a cozy homestead with a garden and lace curtains and pretty silk lingerie bags (below) filled with delights.
all the cozy luxuries of home...

the dilemmas of too-many-choices. i should be a gemini. always a torn soul, too many things i want to make and do and see and be....until my heart is continually exploding in delight, awe, and scatterings.

zack and rebecca had their big annual holiday bash. it is always on the 27th, (darin always has to work) there is always a white-elephant gift exchange and an ugly christmas sweater contest and a gingerbread houses.
also special drinks, a group portrait, cheese, a bonfire....

this year we even had glow sticks and hot buttered rum. dammmnnn fine time. 

rebecca explains it all.

addie just informed me that christmas is supposed to go twelve nights, starting on the 25th and continuing until january 5th! she is still playing sufjan's christmas album and baking goodies. this all sounds fine and dandy to me, lots more jollyness and feasting and wassailing the oak trees. rebecca says that twelfth night was traditionally marked by misrule and reversals, and also marks the beginning of carnival season which continues till ash wednesday. wow!
no rest for the merry round here.


Milla said…
Ugly sweaters galore! oh what fun it seems to always be in your neck of the woods my mysterious gypsy temptress! 12 days of Christmas is right! Hecks yeah!
Bee said…
yup, the epiphany is on the 6th of january, when the wise men supposedly showed up. i LOVE ugly sweater parties!!
Amy Beatty said…
You are so radiant in every photo. Too much fun to be had. Glow-sticks and sweaters are such a rad combo. Might have to copy it for tomorrow night. Love dragging out Christmas - too bad everyone is back to school and work. O and I will have to party it up. xoxoxo
Nicky said…
he he he... I'm super excited about this post.. starting from the top! I LOVE!!! that little leather hair holder you got- what fabulous giveaway goodies!!!! Your gemini description is fantastic- you makes us sound so wondrous when we sometimes get that bad wrap for being "double sided" (maybe sometimes...) but more on the playful a.d.d. side where we continually thirst for change, new adventure, and delight in digging into all new things (though not too deeply- cause we get bored easily... hahah my blogs starting to make sense now, huh? :D You sweater party looks like a blast- I have yet to go to one of those... maybe I just gotta throw one someday soon! And you are adorable in your scarf and cute swept bangs :D Happy New Years lil' lady!!! Hope you and Darin have fun ringin' in 2011! :D Talk to ya next year ;)

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