Guavosa Delight

The Pangbroehrns had their annual holiday bash Sunday night and it turned into a massive gathering of friends old and new in Sacramento.

Here are Doniella and I with the drink we made up, champagne and guava juice, aka the Guavosa! It's amazing.

Eric and Ashley technically should have won the ugly sweater contest, but we forgot to vote.

Joey scored the gift I brought to the white elephant exchange: vintage Empire Strikes Back glasses. Whoopeee!

Cutest gingerbread houses on earth: a Jetsons Hobbit Hole, a Japanese Pagoda, and the old Hangtown Bar!

The whole damn joyful lot of us.

The week between Christmas and New Year's always seems to be the busiest week of the year!


Looks like such a fun party!
Kaylie said…
What fun! I love the sweaters.

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