Let there be LIGHT

I have to admit it: I get a little twinge of diappointment when I drive by and notice the lack of Christmas lights in our neighborhood this year! Maybe I sound like the Grinch on Freaky Friday, but where's the cheer folks?

I rationalize my feelings thus: it's supposed to be a time to celebrate the midwinter season by bringing light into a time of darkness. I figure that's been the idea for hundreds of years, all around the world, whether candlelight, firelight, or LED light. So let's bust em out neighbors.

So tonight I am celebrating those festive folks around town that warm my Christmas-addicted heart. I wish all my neighbors read this blog so they'd get inspired!

Here's what I LOVE to see, a little pair of matching houses down the street who are full-on festive:

My momma and I took a little drive last night and I showed her my absolute favorite, this adorable little old-fashioned cottage all decked out:

I want to go put an anonymous note on their door telling them how bright and lovely their house looks for everyone that passes by.

And of course, the local Bed and Breakfasts have the right idea:

This huge Christmas tree is across from the city park:

And our town has the BEST tradition of having lines of lit up Christmas trees all along the highway. When I was twelve years old and we were first moving here and I was a very nerdy little bookworm obsessed with Anne of Green Gables, I named them "The Lighted Ladies." The name has stuck.

Here they are, whizzing by on their way to the ball:

And I am lucky to work in a downtown diner with a downright cheery boss who has a big decorating party every year. Yeah, Mel's, that's what I like to see when I drive by at 11:00 at night! (The part of myself that cares about conserving energy seems to vanish during the holidays, hmmmm)

And finally, of course, my own humble abode, the only beacon of light at nighttime in my neighborhood this year, and thanks to my honey for putting them up.
"And the prettiest sight you'll see is the holly that will be on your own front door."
Simple stuff, but at least it's bright and shiny! HOME SWEET HOME.


Oh no Mara! You gotta get on it, you will seriously love how cozy and bright it's going to make everything feel. You still have a few days, plus you can enjoy it for New Year's too. GO GIRL!
Susan said…
Heather I loved the pictures of the all the colored Christmas lights. Since I was driving I didn't get to see them that well. Thanks for posting. Placerville is such a Currier and Ives town at Christmastime. Love the lighted ladies and I will always remember how you called them that 20 years ago when we first saw them!! We've got the Christmas spirit! Love you darlin' girl, Marmie

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