Wait, okay maybe THIS is my favorite month...


We got our tree today! Picked it out from out front of good old local Rite-Aid cause we feel sorry for all those sad little trees.
Ours is SO CUTE.

Listened to Christmas music while trimming the tree...here's Darin with one of his favorite childhood ornaments.

Even momma got in on the action...here she is hanging my infamous Diet Coke ornament (!)

And now we're watching Christmas Vacation and doing some more hall-decking. Woo hoo!
All in a nice cozy warm house, cause it wouldn't be the Christmas season if it were any hooter than it..hotter than it is.


Amy Beatty said…
Hurray Christmas is coming. Your tree is so cute. We are going to try and get ours today!! Looks so fun with nannie there. You guys are a little happy family. I love the warmth, comfort and joy a tree can bring. I always feel sorry for those trees in lots too. Glad you brought one home.
boots said…
YAY Christmas! i totallt love getting a tree- but last year i was too lazy and bought one in the shopping center behind my house- this year will be different- i hope :)

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