My dad needs a wife!

I am at my dad's house right now helping him decorate for Christmas. It is just sad over here.

It is warm and comfortable but he keeps things in boxes and has little stacks of papers everywhere and there are twelve to fourteen types of cereal but not once ounce of Christmas cheer. So HERE I AM!

Luckily there is a good playlist of holiday cheer on his itunes, and now there is a tiny fat little Christmas tree and a few of our childhood decorations. And a few strands of lights and some stockings. So, we're getting there...

I am reminded once again how much my pops relies on a lady's touch to keep his life and home pretty, cozy, and welcoming. Anybody know a fifty-something single woman looking for a SUPER NICE GUY?

Merry Christmas Pops.
Your elf


boots said…
your such a good daughter- always helpin your pops, even with the ladies! :0
mooncowboy said…
a sweet, sneaky little love-request letter. someone better pull through soon!

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