The Rockstar Life

Last night's show was AMAZING.
Like, you want to cry the songs are so good; you want to write everything down and make little drawings to go with the lyrics and then ride your bicycle up into the december sky.

Here's adorable Kaitlyn as frontwoman of her band "The Pretty Littles" singing songs that get straight into your blood and bones.

And then my brother's band Dark River played and our hearts paddled in canoes down watery riverways into mystery swamplands.

Here's Emily singing back-up vocals.

My hubby on bass, looking hot as hades.
And stanny on drums, wowing the ladies.

That's Jamie on the right with the accordion. Nothing beats a band with an accordion/trumpet player. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Like a groupie, I had to get my picture taken with the stars:

Find out more about Dark River music here or here.
It will make your heart explode into a million brilliantstar peieces.


Kelsie Lynn said…
Does this mean you are in Australia? I am jealous if you are. I looked up the bands music. cool stuff!

For christmas I will be with a few reli's that live over here. Still though, the holiday season is gonna be a bit lonely!

ps. you and your husband look completely fabulous together.
Kaylie said…
I really dig the music and your dress!
mooncowboy said…
hey! dark river is SO AMAZING. the songs inspire me to chills and near tears.

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