Tiny Trip

Addie and I left the snowy foothills and took a tiny road trip over to the low country of Santa Rosa to visit my old dear friend Nichole who is back from Maine for a week.

First, a quick stop by to get coffee from our lovely friend Lesley at the BeanBarn:

And then on to the Sonoma county rolling green wine-country hills.
We saw these baby sheep sleeping curled up in little balls and SHRIEKED and had to immediately pull off the road and get a closer look these sweet tiny ones with their mommas:

And we even got to feed a couple of the friendlies:

And thus we ended up with stickers all over our legs! (still worth it)

Did a little downtown Santa Rosa gallivanting, including a trip to the mall. Now, we haven't been to a real indoor mall together in a LONG time...it was kind of weird and old-fashioned, coming in through Macy's by the make up counters, past the perfume samples and shoe displays. It reminded me of giggling and checking out boys by the fountain and buying Sees candy in the early 90s, of Cinnabon and Claire's and JC Penney. Not the kinds of places I really ever go to anymore but it makes me the tiniest bit nostalgic. Cause I'm a dork like that.

Anyway then we walked along the lovely lighted Fourth Street and spent a long time in the cutest shop buying mother-in-law Christmas gifts and checking out each pretty little handmade and imported thing.
Now that's the kind of Christmas shopping I love to do.

And of course, ended up at our old favorite, which I've written about before,  Russian River Brewery for the most delicious pizza and freshly brewed BEST BEERS IN CALIFORNIA on tap.

Me and Nichole, my Maine friend!

This is Addie's heaven on earth. Russian River and Pliny the Elder for the hoppiest Christmas ever. (um, yeah.)

Our jolly friend Nick was throwing pizzas, is this why they are so damn delicious?

You can't tell by looking but that food is to-die-for.
And by the way, hot girls hog out.

Good bye, Nichole and the brewery and lovely lively Santa Rosa.
 Notice Addie catching the last drop:


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