Unicorn Brew Film Festival and holiday haps

As you probably know, my hubby is passionate about art and filmmaking. He and his collaborators have been planning this upcoming film festival for months. Today we're in the paper!

It is going to be so much fun and it's a big night for my fam. My sister is in at least 3 of the films. And my brother Joey is having his CD release show after the film screenings for his new album Dark River, which has the most haunting beautiful foresty folksy songs you could imagine.

With beautiful cover art from the talented Mister Z.E. Pangborn:

Here's a close up of our wonderful creative team that put this crazy exciting event together:
Stan, Jamie, Darin:

If you happen to live near the Placerville, California area come to the Cozmic Cafe Sunday night. Have a locally brewed beer and watch some enigmatic and totally CREATIVE films and music.
Yeah for arts during the holidays!

Now I'm off to get ready for tonight's Literary Holiday Party with my scholarly friends...which translates to BRING ON THE NERDY FUN!


Kaylie said…
That film festival sounds like a lovely situation! Have fun! :)
Kelsie Lynn said…
Does your brother have a site (myspace or something) where his music can be found?
mooncowboy said…
wow, i am so far behind on your blog. but i love it! you're so good at doing nice short little tidbits packed with photos. a great format. love the newspaper clipping--i didn't realize. way to go on being a journalist! "Special to the Democrat," indeed.

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