Film Lovers Unite!

I am proud to announce that our first annual Unicorn Brew Film Festival was a MAJOR SUCCESS!
After a frantic day of getting everything ready, things truly went swimmingly. Darin and I were running around like two chickens with our heads cut off all day and I remember while setting up all these chairs (below) thinking, how sad if only like five people show up and so many of these chairs stay empty.

HA! Couldn't have been farther from the truth.
So, here is the set up inside the venue, and during the film screenings this room was bursting at the seams.
There is no exaggerating the crowds that showed up. People we didn't even know, not just friends and family although they were all here too!

Our lovely dear Ryann working the door alongside all the homemade trophies for the awards ceremony.

A row of watchers gets comfy on the blankets and pillows we set up in the front. We wanted a cozy vibe, and I think we got it. I am especially proud of my twinkly lights (not pictured). I think they made all the difference.

The arrival of our esteemed hosts, Edgar Hope and Mickey Hoohaw. Aka IT Speaks.
They are a comedy duo that is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. They played competing film critics who just basically don't get anything. Their introductions of each film were priceless.

Matt and Amy are here! The festivities are complete!

Awards Ceremony: after the films were all screened, the hosts presented the "Uni's" to our talented filmmakers. Darin's is, yes, proudly displayed now upon the mantle.

Did I mention COZY? so warm and inviting that a damn massage train happens.

And then, of course, MUSIC. Making the night complete.
Joey and the guys getting their rocks on with Dark River and i am not kidding, people go crazy for this shit.

And then, the cutest stage persona ever, my own
ADORABLE sis who hasn't played a show in months, finally back at it with her amazing song creations of Coal Beautiere. Also, she covers Enigma's "Return to Innocence." Um, could anything possibly get better than that?


mmmmmm, life.
and there is so much more to come this week.


boots said…
WOW thats so awesome! you guys did suck a great job! I lovee the massage train too! let me get some of that.
OOO, this looks like fun I want to go to one of these parties hah.
olivia rae said…
looks like an amazing night! great photos. xoxo
mooncowboy said…
this was packed and fun and so worth it. this better be an annual or semiannual occurrence.

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