simply having a wonderful christmastime

christmas day is always fun but each year i think it's the best one ever.
this year was just plain wonderful.

christmas morning with my sweetie:

young santajoey bearing gifts:

sisterly love:

and some of our boys:

momma wanted a picture with all five of her kids:

the gift opening begins:

my new vintage legwarmers from em!

marmy with a patriotic package:

em in the new headband i made for her:

darin's new mocs:

cooking Tofurkey together:

onward to dinner at Pops' house.

Here is how Orion fixed up his own plate:

all of us with my 97 year old Grandma Georgie.

Me n Grandma G.

Such a perfect Christmas day, surrounded by the ones I love so much my heart bursts.


mooncowboy said…
such a good time. i miss placerville and its denizens.

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