Another Fun Photo Shoot

So - with my whole new slew of vintage loveliness, I needed some fresh blood on the modeling front. So once again, I snatched up the prettiest people I know: my brother Joey and his lady Emily.

Of course, we had plenty of distractions, i.e. these adorable little babies! Check it out - Camilla and Woody kept wanting in on the action!

Meanwhile, I am just distracted by the lovely details of Emily's bathroom! let's face it - peacock feathers
make everything right.

And then Joey - WOW - well, this is the kind of modeling he wants to do, the goofball!

But really, all the boys wanted to do was this:

(they're playing in a band together now and i love their cute music discussions)

Anyway, I am so lucky to have a model like Em, miss gorgeous personified. Here she is in a shot too blurry for my shop, but check out how she looks just like Olivia Hussey from the 1960's Romeo and Juliet!

Don't forget to stop in and see the holiday loveliness at my Etsy shop, moonshinejunkyard!


Amy Beatty said…
Are you telling me, Emily and your mom are twins. Sorry, Nana has told me a few times that she looked like her. They are all beautiful. I already checked out the new pics!! I love them.. always. Joeys a good looking model. Emily, of course goes without saying. Did a little DI Christmas shopping today. So nice to get awesome gifts between .50 and 4 bucks. Keeping my fingers crossed that they are cool enough that the kids won't care if they are new are not. Really don't want tears Christmas morning.

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