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almost a year with my girl

i can't believe that lucy's birthday is right around the corner.  and that i have been raising a baby for almost a year now; what a journey it has been. as you become a parent, you are learning all the time, every moment, about yourself and your baby and what it means to be her mother. when you are a mom you make most of the decisions. everyone asks you questions about what is best for your baby, can she eat this? is this safe for her to play with? do you want her crawling there? why is she crying?  even dad turns to you sometimes, although he can make a lot of decisions too of course, or you discuss together briefly. but always, always, relying on your instincts, trusting yourself and your baby, and trying to be smart and act like you know because, ummm, you're the mom. and although it can be challenging, it is also incredibly fun and endearing and mind expanding. it is pure pure love and it makes me wiser and stronger and more alive. 
lucinda violet is eleven months old…

well this summer's been good from the start

Over the weekend temperatures crept steadily well above 100 degrees, topping off around 106, unseasonable for June (but we're back to our 70-80 degree days already.) Meanwhile Saturday's only goal was to stay cool so we headed up to the lake with a big group of friends. It was full but we parked across the way and walked in for free to this shady spot, spread out blankets and snacks, and played with babies for hours.

sylvan adores lucy. he asked if he could hold her and they sat and shared some strawberries.

i got to see my good friend mary, who owns mama earth farm with her husband ben. i haven't seen her since the birth of her second son, alder, who is now six months old! crazy how time flies and how newborns turn into plump bouncy smiley curious big bundles with so much personality all their own.

it is oddly satisfying to hold two babies at once. rebecca played with alder and aesop, two bouncing giggly bundles of PURE BABY HEAVEN.

although a few of our friends do have …

faretheewell grandma georgie

and i know she will fare well indeed. my sweet grandma georgie passed away on thursday. we were able to have a nice conversation the night before, and she seemed reflective and quiet and meditative. lucy touched her hair and smiled at her a lot (she's always loved granmda faces) and i got to hold her hands to warm her up and talk to her a little bit about family odds and ends. she was not in pain, and she died the next day in her sleep.
grandma georgie was 101 years old. born in central california in 1912, she spent all her years in this valley.

here she is with her mother-in-law, my great grandmother mathilde from honduras.

and with her husband, my grandfather Carlos "Buck" Beatty who passed away in the 60s. I never met him but everyone, EVERYONE raves about what a wonderful person he was. georgia never remarried after his death, and has been waiting for this moment to see him again, as well as two of her sons who have already passed on.

my grandparents years later aft…