faretheewell grandma georgie

and i know she will fare well indeed. my sweet grandma georgie passed away on thursday. we were able to have a nice conversation the night before, and she seemed reflective and quiet and meditative. lucy touched her hair and smiled at her a lot (she's always loved granmda faces) and i got to hold her hands to warm her up and talk to her a little bit about family odds and ends. she was not in pain, and she died the next day in her sleep.

grandma georgie was 101 years old. born in central california in 1912, she spent all her years in this valley.

here she is with her mother-in-law, my great grandmother mathilde from honduras.

and with her husband, my grandfather Carlos "Buck" Beatty who passed away in the 60s. I never met him but everyone, EVERYONE raves about what a wonderful person he was. georgia never remarried after his death, and has been waiting for this moment to see him again, as well as two of her sons who have already passed on.

my grandparents years later after they'd had five kids.

addie and i with grandma in the early 90s.

grandma meeting lucy, thanksgiving 2012. i am so grateful she got to have her last thanksgiving and christmas here in my home.

in a week all the beattys will converge again to celebrate her glorious life and spirit.
it has been nice to share little bits about her here over the years. i will miss her. i am writing her obituary so i'll spend the next few days getting my facts straight and taking a journey into her endless memories and stories; what a treat.


Teeny said…
Dear girl, you and Addie look so much like Grandma Georgie....bright eyes, big smiles. I am thankful that you were able to talk with her the night before she left, and that Lucy had some lovely grandma moments with her too. Sorry my dear for the sadness; I'm sure there will be alot of it, as you loved her so much.
Sadhbh said…
So sorry to hear about your loss. You write so beautifully about her and it's wonderful that you got to spend those moments with her at the end. 101 is an incredible age to reach - what a woman! i'm sure she'll always be an inspiration to you.

I only lost my great grandmother when I was in my early 20's - she was 98. She still influences my attitude to life. My grandmothers are both in their 80's now, and in fine fettle. I love having a strong matriarchal family. It looks like you do too!
I'm sure her funeral will be a celebration of her undoubtedly incredible life.
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear of about your loss. I get teary eyed hearing the loss of a lovely grandparent because I know how special a granny and papa's love can be. (My grandparents were amazing as they stepped up and raised me as a little girl.)
May your wonderful memories be of comfort for you.
Amy Beatty said…
Grandma!! what a treat to see and send her on her way with love xoxo Luc did love that grammy. I'm pretty sure that there will never been a better obituary. her life with your words are going to be a killer combo:) I'm sad though because I don't think we can come :( we just dont have the time to drive really. I even just looked at the flights thinking we would just splurge and fly. But its close to 550 a person. i was hoping it would be like 1000 for our family. wishful thinking i guess. love you tons xoxo
Jenna E said…
I am so sorry about your loss. But wow, 101, what long beautiful life. I am sure you have many memories to share with Lucy. I am happy your dear babe got to meet her Great-Grandma. :)

Thinking of you and your family
regina said…
Beautiful post and photos, what a beautiful family :)
Im sorry for your loss...take care.
anne said…
i see so much of you in her! she seemed like an incredible woman, i'm sorry for your loss heather.
Tina Dawn said…
Bless your sweet grandmother. Isn't it wonderful she could get to know Lucy before she moved on with her journey. Love T
Traceyrita said…
Hi, Heb. I'm so sorry to hear of grandma Georgie's passing, but what a beautiful post for her! I love these old pictures and I'm so glad you and Luce got to spend time with her before she passed. I can see lots of you in your Grandparents. Xoxo Tracey
dolly anna said…
she's peaceful.

i see the resemblance.

and i love these pictures so much.
how did the eulogy go? i'm sure it was beautiful.....now that's a celebration i would love to attend.

the young picture of buck beatty?? woooow, all y'alls got some awesome genes running through your blood.

Milla said…
Grandma Georgie was so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing these little tales here about her. I sure wish her a good journey, what with Buck probably being a mite anxious to see her already. Oh and she looks so much like you and Addie in those younger pictures. So much. I'm glad she got to meet her littlest grandkids yet and say goodbye so peacefully. Lots of love!
Tera said…
So sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for sharing, I love her photos and she sounds magical. Your Grandparents are gorgeous! It is amazing to live a life of 101 years. That is magic. Much to learn from your Grandmother Georgie and Grandfather Buck, like leaving behind photos full of life and being so awesome that for decades and decades after you exit, they speak of you with smiles. xoxo

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