this is my grandma g.
georgia to be exact. we call her "georgie" and she is 98 years old.
that's right.
she shares a birthday with my brother mikie and we got to take her out to dinner and share in the presence of her shining soul.
she still lives alone.
she eats oatmeal with blueberries every morning, with a cup of hot chocolate.
she remembers all of her grandkids' and great-grandkids' birthdays. and there are A LOT of them and even great-great-grandkids.
she still loves my grandfather whom i never met; he died when my dad was twenty.
she is about four and a half feet tall...teeny tiny.
my dad, below on the left, does so much for her and she relies on him for a lot because she can't see very well or get around very easily. for years and years her favorite thing was to walk to the bus station in sacramento and ride the bus all over creation to do her errands and to go to bingo. now she can't walk as far as the bus station on her own, but still overall she is pretty much fit as a fiddle.
cousin tom beatty, on the right, owned the froggy that won the calaveras county jumping frog contest in 1989. when i was a kid that impressed me immesely.
oh, and just for good measure, here she is as a young lady.
pretty lil georgia baker, california girl!

what a doll.

and with my grandpa buck.
i come from a long line of nice, happy, loving people and for that i am so blessed.
can't wait till one hundred! and a massive fiesta!


Papa Dan said…
Heather honey, what a nice tribute to my mom (gm Georgie)The pictures at the dinner are great and what a nice touch to add some photos from way back. I can't remember, did she get that one candle on the first try or did she have to have help. Wonder what she wished for.
Amy Beatty said…
Grandma Georgie is the best. I love that we got to see her over Christmas. And I hope we get to see her again in a few months. I always get worried that the last time I she my grandparents it might be the last. My kids have met all of our grandparents, isn't that cool. People are living longer that is for sure. Grandma Georgie is just the cutest grandma, and I can see why Papa is her favorite!!
grandma georgie is beautiful. this blog is a golden wealth of happy secrets. her younger pictures, makes one wonder about the human gene, the ghosts that are thousands of years old that live within us. WHO ARE WE???????
Georgia said…
While blog hopping this morning I happened upon yours and had to stop to see your Grandma G! You see, I am Grandma G too and my name is Georgia!!

I pray that I will live out my life as happy and successfully as your Grandma Georgie....God bless her and you for the love you share!!

Grandma G's
Milla said…
Happy Birthday to Granma G too, she seems like an ah-mazing lady!

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