Love in is the Air

love and marriage, love and marriage,
go together like a horse and carriage...

for the record, to me valentines day is not only for lovers lovers. it's for families, friends, babies, cats, all those you want to snuggle and hang out with forever cause it warms your heart.

that being said, i do want to celebrate my lover.
i'll admit, i never knew how much i'd love being married.
i resisted it so long cause all the wedding/marriage hoopla makes me feel funny and weirds me out.
but now, every day i feel it more surely: I LOVE BEING MARRIED.

maybe cause i got to marry my best friend in the whole wide world. a boy who has been making me laugh hysterically since back in high school when he was dating my best friend and we'd watch SNL together and he and i could not stop cracking each other up!

crooked glasses and all!

even though we ain't got money, i'm so in love with you honey!
(v day is not about presents for us. just being together and dressing up and going to parties with our friends and slow dancing)

"I float in the regions of your love,
o sharer of my roving life."



Amy Beatty said…
Love is in the air, and I'm loving every moment of it. To feel love and to give love freely is heavenly. So glad I get to have you and Darin in my family xoxo. Heres to love birds and love cats and S L O W dancing xoxo
Andrea said…
how beautiful! you two are so adorable, and I love that you have known each other since high school!

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