Shop Preview - Sweet and Sunny

I took advantage of this lovely sunny day to get some items ready to post in my etsy shop.
(and to pet this irresistible oldest cat CP loving the sun too)

Started out dressed in my most comfy thrift store digs to scope out the backyard and romp in the sunshine awhile.
I was trying to figure out how to use the self-timer function on my camera:

But it didn't take long to gather that I'd need to enlist the help of my reluctant hub.
Now, granted I am NO MODEL. I try to just not be embarrassed and not take myself too seriously.
Luckily, the clothes are so cute I hope they'll sell themselves!

but I especially love the awkward moments:

Lots more to come tomorrow...
I've got cute vintage stuff coming out my ears right now....I'm a good shopper but not a good shopkeeper!


boots said…
loving the outfit's! no sweat! you make the best model. and i love your green tshirt, the design looks so pretty. every day you make me want to grow all my hair back for the wedding, yours if so beautiful!
Andrea said…
a lovely lovely day indeed! i know how you feel about shop modeling, I've been on the hunt for a dress form forever, until i find it I remain my only model, much to my discomfort :) but those lovely blouses are so gosh darn cute on you, you'll have no trouble selling them!
Michelle said…
Love the new clothes!
Super cute cat, by the way!
Thanks michelle, i think so too and he's like a hundred years old! still loves to play in the sun.
mina said…
those polka dot tops are adorable!

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